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Are You Ready for the "Holidays?"

Balancing Art, Life and Marketing

Estimated time to read this tip: 2 ½ minutes.

As soon as the sugar rush, make-believe and parties of Halloween are over, the "holiday" season begins. Lights go up and the merry, merry, marathon begins.

I love that word "holiday," but there’s no shortage of work going on at the same time. Fall art exhibits, special holiday events, client appreciation, year-end accounting ….  (Add your list here.)

So read what artist James Thatcher has to say if you feel like your feet aren’t quite touching the ground as you speed along. (Maybe even print these wise words out and post them on your studio wall.)

“We're not art making machines, we're people; and we make art.”

“I once had an 8 year long break between artworks. I've also had stretches of sporadic art production, grinding out stuff as I've been able to cram it into spare time, doing maybe a dozen measly, incoherent pieces in a year; year after year.

"But that really is life...we're not art making machines, we're people; and we make art. Sometimes there are more important things than doing our artwork. We are multi-faceted beings, and our artwork is only one facet. Our other aspects must develop.

"And then we return to our work with a deeper experience to draw from; a greater awareness of love, responsibility, and commitment; and making amazing, deep, beautiful and touching artworks.

"Have a little faith, gird up your loins, and believe. This is going in a dynamic and profound direction for you. You will do great and powerful things. It will work. You will not fail if you do not quit. Having responsibilities is not quitting; it is being admirably strong.”

 James Thatcher  Excerpt from “My Real Job is Being an Artist.” by Aletta de Wal, Page 4.

Enough said.

Artist Career Training’s mission is to help you make a better living making art - and still have a life. 

Could you use some help creating enough space for your art, life and marketing?

  • What if you could redesign your life to make room for all the things in your life that are most important to you.

  • What if you didn’t have to figure out how to do the redesign on your own?

  • What if you had a guide who gave you the templates and the support to create a new blueprint for balancing your art, life and marketing?

You can.

I can help.

Past clients will vouch for their results.

I’ve worked with people about this issue since I began my coaching career. Instead of the promised leisure lifestyle starting at 50, it's now common to hear people say they cannot afford to retire.

Maybe – or maybe not anytime soon.

I created Balancing Art, Life and Marketing so you can find ways to feel more in charge and less in a state of overwhelm. The first two rounds of artists who’ve participated can vouch for the process. Will you be part of the 2016 core group?

Take a look at what’s involved and let’s talk. Then send an e-mail to to start the conversation.

Read more here and follow us please.

“My Real Job is Being an Artist” contains the basics of building a solid body of signature work, productive work habits and legal foundations for your art business.

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