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Aletta de Wal
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Art Business: Multiply Your Profit with Giclées

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Some artists can make a good living from original works of art. But maybe you put a lot of detail into each piece, so it takes a long time to complete just one original. Or you work a day job, have a family and only have time to make a few good pieces each year.

You don't have to sacrifice income. You can produce more income from your hard work - create multiples from your originals. Giclées expand your audience by providing another price point for your clients. Giclée printing has been perfected to a level of quality, permanence, and affordability that no other print process can match.

Digital Arts Studio has a reputation in artist communities nationwide as a premium StepsToSuccessquality, full service, fine art giclée printmaker and custom picture framer. Owners Peter Leafman and Barry Glustoff claim not to be able to draw a straight line with a ruler, but they offer these three simple actions to help you "Tap Dance on Your Inner Strength"

1. Make a commitment to YOUR success. Adopt a positive mindset by believing in what you do. Opening relationships with people who share your attitudes about art has value. Closing sales comes out of relationships with people who like you and your art and who trust you. That takes time. Many artists give up too soon.

2. Identify your audience and your market. Is your art destined for hallways, galleries, museums or airports? Make connections between your subject matter and the venues where your audience might happen upon your work. For example, people who like aquatic art frequent marine museums, snorkel shops and fishing web sites.

3. Devote a specific amount of time each week to marketing & promotion. You build your art business the way you build your body of work - by devoting time, money and energy to it on a regular basis. Make the business side of your art a part of your weekly schedule, and stick to it. It will get easier and you will see results!

StepsToSuccess"Tiny Dots on Paper"

  • Learn why you should consider reproducing your artwork as giclées
  • Know what to look for when choosing a giclée printmaker
  • Find out how to get quality that lives up to your originals
  • Get practical tips on marketing giclées

Digital Arts Studios achieves superior quality, color accuracy, and consistency on every digital imaging project. Color management is not only about technical expertise. Peter and Barry have artistic backgrounds and keen color sense that make for a winning collaboration with all of their clients, digitally "savvy" or not. Collectively, their senior staff has spent over eighty years in fine art, photography, sales, picture framing, manufacturing and marketing venues.

Buy recording & PDF  for $29.95

If you are not interested in making more money, go make more art and feed your creative spirit.

We love to hear from you, so please e-mail your questions, comments and insights to or call me at 250-549-2615 Pacific Time.

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