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Art Business: Preparation Meets Opportunity

In 1988 McFerrin said, "Whenever you see a poster of Meher Baba, it usually says 'Don't worry, be happy,' which is a pretty neat philosophy in four words, I think." Your stories of success make me happy so I pass along this good cheer to inspire you.

"I recently attended the Art Walk in Scottsdale, Arizona.  While browsing through a gallery, the owner approached us and asked of our interest in art.  Through the conversation, I mentioned that I am an artist and gave her my card.  Her eyes lit up when she saw the image on my business card and I asked her if she might be interested in seeing it.  Her response was 'definitely!' She suggested I bring some in as soon as possible since she was expecting a good crowd due to the Waste Management Open golf tournament in a couple of weeks.  The next day I took in several paintings and she chose 5 to hang in her gallery.

"I credit you with giving me the preparation needed (business cards, bio, body of signature work and the eye for opportunity) to take advantage of the opportunity when presented.

"Aletta, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Artist Career Training classes you offer.  There is so much valuable information in them.  Thank you very much for sharing your expertise!" 
~ Edna Harris, Candy Wrapper Creations (Yes, she does include candy wrappers in most of her art.)

Yea Edna! Being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude - and business cards - landed you a gallery opportunity.

Encourage another artist. Share your stories about art career cheer by adding a comment to this blog post.

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P.S. If you missed "Five Things Artists Should Consider Before Deciding to License Your Art", with Tara Reed*, click here to get the recording and detailed content.  You will get the latest information and advice that works. After all, we want you to build an art business that lasts and helps you make a better living.  If you prefer learning on your own, check out these resources.

P.P.S. Please link to this article in your Blog and post on social media sites for artists. We appreciate it when you tell your friends about Artist Career Training.  We encourage forwarding this publication in whole.  Copying without acknowledgement of the publisher is against the law (and highly unprofessional!)

*FTC Disclosure: When we find artists like Tara Reed who have deep, proven experience in a topic that will help you make a better living making art, we put them front and center.  When these fine folks offer services and products that are first class, sometimes we agree to help each other get the word out to you with an "affiliate" arrangement, which means that we will earn a small commission for referring you to their resources. Those are marked with an asterisk.

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Reader Comments (2)

I love people who have an appreciation for art. A lot really has the skill and talent to be graphic artists. Sad though, those who are really in the field of arts, the striving artists, get poorer and unrecognized because of the high cost of getting their work coded. So the least they can do is to let others have their work, made it digitalized for example to be used of others like those digital graphic artists and non-artists alike for their corporate website designs or ecommerce web site designs, and also in social networking sites because they aim at social networking development where a good art is of great use. This is already a phenomenon, and it could be more alarming if this thing become common, especially for the striving yet great artists of our time.

April 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarcus Dane

I, for one, am guilty of the act on my own corporate web design, an artwork lover that I am. It is just now that I realized the gravity of what I'm doing. I think I will not do it. On my next page background, I'll exert my original work even though it isn't good yet. A minimalist webpage designer and s beginner on digital graphic art is forgivable anyway.

April 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarcus Dane

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