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Art Business: The Bones of Your Art Business

I just had my bone density scan, and for the first time, instead of bone loss, I improved my score by two points. Yeah!  This means that my body created more new bone to replace reabsorbed old bone.

That's important because the 206 bones in the skeletal system support and protect organs and anchor muscles. The stronger my bones are, the more confident I am that I can go about my activities without fear of falling.

Imagine trying to do anything without this structure but slither and slide.

Anyone who's ever had nagging back pain will tell you that's when you notice your backbone. The rest of the time, I for one, am usually oblivious to what's keeping me upright. That's how you want your business foundation - strong, silent and supporting.

To get off the ground, your business needs its own skeletal system. You can - and should - scan the building blocks of your art business to make sure there are no cracks or porous areas that could hurt you without warning.


Support for Your Art Business

Your spinal column consists of twenty-six bones divided into five regions. The structure for your business also has five components.

Take a quick scan now to see how strong your business bones are.

Answer 'Yes" or "no" for each item below.

1.    Your Art Inventory

  • Do you have enough originals for five exhibits?
  • Can you offer a range of sizes, prices and formats to meet different demands?
  • Do you have high quality images of all of your available work?

2.    Your Art Business Identity 

  • Do you have a distinctive name for your art business?
  • Did you register your DBA (Doing Business As)?
  • Do you own the domain name for your web site?

3.    Your Business Tools

  • Do you have a computer and up to date software?
  • Is your web site a good showplace for your art?
  • Can you produce marketing materials on demand?

4.    Your Business Systems

  • Do you have a contact database that includes everything you know about your audience?
  • Do you have an up to date record of your art that is available for purchase?
  • Are your financial records up to date and accurate enough to withstand an audit?

5.    Your Business Team 

  • Do you have a list of reliable suppliers for art materials, tools, finishing and presentation?
  • Do you have a bookkeeper and/or accountant to prepare your income and sales tax returns?
  • Do you have a studio intern, office assistant or business manager?

Protection of Your Art Business Assets

While your ribcage and sternum protect your insides from external damage, your skeletal system also provides support and flexibility at the joints and anchors the muscles that move our limbs. All that without thinking on your part!

Your biggest assets are your art talent and your art inventory.

  • Do you have insurance for yourself, your art and your premises?
  • Do you have security for your equipment and files?
  • Do you have offsite back-ups of images, your web site and computer records in case your studio is damaged or destroyed?

Storage and Maintenance

The skeletal system stores many different types of essential substances to facilitate growth and repair of your body.

The equivalent for the growth of your art business is in the way you stock and maintain your studio and office area.

  • Do you have adequate space to store your materials and finished art pieces in the proper conditions?
  • Are your tools in pristine condition and arranged so they are ready when you need them?
  • Do you have a separate area for your office work, equipment, files and supplies?

Don't wait until you have an emergency or a break to get around to building and strengthening the bones of your art business.

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, make a separate list of the items you need to create or improve so that you can confidently go about your art business knowing that you are in peak shape.

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You do have to do the workout yourself but you don't have to do it alone. Consider joining the A.C.T. community of artists in our online programs.

If you are an emerging artist and want to build a strong business foundation, check out "Start Your Business."

If you have already set up your business, and want some company strengthening your art business thinking and structure you can "Build Your Art Business."

If you want more personal attention, start with a complimentary 15-minute conversation. Sign up here.

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