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Art Business: The Four Steps to Build Quality into Your Art Business

Unlike manufacturing, there are no standardized rules and regulations for quality when it comes to art. (Thankfully!)

You - and you alone - define what you mean by quality in your art, events, relationships and business.

One of the reasons I interviewed Pat Fiorello about her book "Bella Italia, Italy Through the Eyes of an Artist" is that she went for maximum quality.

You can apply these four steps to your own art book, or any other activity where quality is important to your credibility, visibility and desirability:

1.    Put quality front and center in your imagination and intentions.

The book represents Pat's culture and her evolution as an artist. She wanted this print version of a retrospective to exude quality.

2.    Plan to build in quality.

When Pat decided to produce a print retrospective of her body of work of eighty paintings, she ventured into unknown territory. Pat researched how to create an art book, created a plan, and found people to help her with design, publishing and printing.

3.    Partner with quality people.

Pat interviewed several publishers. She chose the one recommended by a trusted friend and with the most experience with art books. Instead of treating the publisher simply as a supplier, Pat partnered with her from start to finish. The book bears both of their names and they share in the reputation of the finished product.

4.     Inspect for quality.

Reviewing a press sheet- each one had 8 pages on one side and 8 on the other. The book is 120 pages, so I had 7 1/2 of these to review."I went to review color proofs on the press at the printers in Tennessee. It was fun to see what I've been working on for so long getting so close to becoming real.  The staff was great and gave me a tour of the entire plant so I saw the whole operation - from where the paper comes in to the set-up, printing, cutting, collating, sewing, gluing, covers added, and books packed to ship.

Here's a peek behind the scenes. (You can see more pictures here:

You can learn more about "Bella Italia, Italy Through the Eyes of an Artist" at (Full disclosure - I do not earn any $ with this link but Pat did send me my very own copy.)

Quality is the motto of artists who excel and the hallmark of art that sells.

How do you create and maintain quality?

If you could use a little help for your art business, please accept my invitation to a complimentary 15-minute conversation. Sign up here.

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