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Art Marketing: Artist Representative Promotes Exhibits

When you read Margaret's letter, make a list of all the ways you can promote your exhibits. Margaret works every possible promotional avenue and engages the artists to partner with her. Note that the sales she makes are often after the event and a result of persistent follow-up. As Margaret says "it ain't over until it's over...and even then it ain't over!"

Dear Aletta,

My first big show of the year, "RED" which took place in February and March, was very successful. We had over 200 people attend the reception at The Women's City Club, and I sold a total of 15 pieces. I accepted some abstracts for the first time since taking over the space, and these works attracted a whole new crowd.
I used every usual means possible to promote the show including the LA Art Gallery Parties group on Meet-Up. The exhibit artists were very proactive as well, putting notices on their blogs and sending out postcards, which led to three of the sales. One of the things I've started doing is giving the press release to each of the participating artists, encouraging them to send and use it with their own accepted show image/s. Everyone feels more invested in the outcome!

My June Show entitled "Pasadena - Its Aura" was a completely different theme, featuring images of Pasadena Landmarks.

Colorado St. Bridge ©Russ Hobbs
The headliner artist of the show, Russell Hobbs, is a retired architect and war hero from WWII and the Korean War. Mr. Hobbs created over thirty beautifully rendered pen and ink drawings of our major landmarks. As part of his display, he asked local historians to contribute the histories of the buildings, printed and mounted alongside his pieces.

A Duncan Irwin House ©Russ Hobbs
As we prepared the show, I went to his studio and interviewed him with my iPAD, which I then loaded onto You Tube. I was also able to secure a TV interview for him, which the local station has decided to expand into a half hour program about the artist. We had the reception on a Saturday afternoon where Bill Bogaard, Mayor of Pasadena, was kind enough to speak to the history-loving crowd.
I have sold several pieces from the exhibition, and hope to sell more over the summer. As I always tell artists "it ain't over until it's over...and even then it ain't over!"
My current summer show "Come fly with me!" celebrates worldwide travel. (As in, first I give you Pasadena, and then THE WORLD!) On July 19th I hosted a wonderful reception complete with costumes. I dressed like a Cathay Pacific airline hostess complete with Chinese dress and white gloves and props. Someone lent me a vintage airplane propeller and fully lit two-foot tall replica of the Empire State Building. I played the music from Frank Sinatra's popular album of the same name. Several sales from this show are pending and I am doing my usual follow up to close them.

I hope you are well! Looking forward to telling you about my next exhibition which is scheduled for the fall, entitled "La Cuisine" - A celebration of Food, Wine and Restauranteurs.

Warm regards,


Artist Representative Margaret Danielak is Curator of Exhibitions at the Women's City Club of Pasadena at the historic Blinn House.  She is the author of A Gallery without Walls, and specializes in exhibiting art in alternative venues.  For a more detailed explanation of how to work with an artist representative, check out: "Sell My Art! Finding & Keeping Effetive Representation." *Margaret is also available for consultations*






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