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Art Marketing: Artists Need a Hard Copy Professional Portfolio

Brief Case
You know that big unwieldy case you carry around with originals or full size prints? That is one kind of portfolio. But it is not the best way to show your work to gallery dealers, art reps and art consultants. Besides it's hard to fit it into a Priority Box.

What is a Professional Portfolio?

To market your art, you need a presentation portfolio that shows that you are an artist who has a track record and who knows a thing or two about business. Think of it as a resume on steroids.

A good marketing portfolio answers the question "Who Are You and Why Should I
Professional Portfolio
do Business With You?"
Portfolios are often flipped through and assessed quickly before being returned or tossed. Every artist needs an impeccable professional presentation portfolio that will compel the viewer to notice you and want to see your art.

Your web site is a mirror of your portfolio - not a replacement. You need both. Once you have a hard copy portfolio, you can easily create or update your web site or Blog.

What happens when you submit a poor portfolio?

When I ask gallery dealers, curators and artist representatives what eliminates many good artists from even being considered, they say:

  • "It looks like the artist just threw this portfolio together. If they do business the same way, I am not interested."
  • "The cover letter was addressed to Dear Sir/Madam - did the artist even check our web site to find out who owns the gallery?"
  • "The press reviews were barely readable - they were 3rd generation copies. Not only that, the ads for washing machines were right next to the review!"
  • "The art might be good, but it's hard to tell from the poor quality images that were included."
  • "This artist's resume lists only vanity galleries and now they want us (a national gallery) to represent them?"
Don't let a poor portfolio misrepresent you!

How do you create your first professional portfolio?

Portfolio Image
The A.C.T. E-Book "Creating Your Professional Portfolio" will show you how to create and assemble your professional presentation portfolio in a manner that has been acclaimed by gallery dealers and arts writers. Step-by-step instructions and examples include: cover letters, resume, artist's statement, press and reviews, visuals, inventory list, and presentation of the portfolio.

What if you already have a Portfolio?

You can use our guidelines to spruce it up on your own, or we can give you feedback. You have two choices:

The A.C.T. Portfolio Review ensures that your portfolio meets the standards that art professionals look for:

·    Do you have a strong signature body of work?
·    What is your career history?
·    How, when and where do you show and sell your work?
·    What is your price range?
·    What experience do you have working with representatives?

We review your portfolio against 65 criteria. We give your portfolio a rating, and list the areas for improvement. Buy now for $65.00.

The A.C.T Portfolio Consultation helps you go from a good to great. We start off with a portfolio review and then arrange a telephone consultation to go over each page to help you brand your portfolio.

You make the changes and send us the next version. You can send us as many versions as you want until you are satisfied. Buy now for $150.00.

It takes a good career plan and lots of attention to detail to create your work and to build a sustainable art career, so it is worth an impeccable portfolio. Your professional portfolio must be as good as your art if it is to be successful. This is not the place to r
ush or scrimp.

Digital Arts Studio

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