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Art Marketing: Come to Your Senses - All of Them

 You can now listen to the Tip-of-the-Week!

Only you can create the conditions for your version of success. No one can guarantee your results, but you can increase the odds of getting closer to what you want by being S.M.A.R.T. about your goals and using all of your senses.

It all starts in your mind. What are you telling yourself about the current economy? What filters do you have in place to screen in opportunities that are good for you? How do you detect and screen out scams and frauds?

Now open all of your senses. Ask yourself a few simple questions. Be open to the answers.

What can you point to that is working in your art life? What needs renovation? What do you see artists doing differently around you to make ends meet?

Where can you sniff out opportunities for showing new work and renting or selling work from your inventory?

When can you offer a new taste of your accomplishments and your art?
How can you add "hi-touch" through a personal approach to your "hi-tech" Internet marketing?

What do you hear from the people who see your work?

How often do they hear from you? What are you telling them?

What is your gut telling you? How can you verify what is real and also handle what comes out of fear?

I hear a lot of static interfering with good sense and solid action as we ride through yet another tough economy.

SensesImage"Often artists believe opportunities are limited - but when it comes to juried competitions, I find the opposite is true. There are actually so many show opportunities that it's easy for artists to get overwhelmed,  frustrated and uncertain about what shows make sense for them. Before long they are spending lots of time, and money on entry fees and shipping and have lost sight of the role juried shows plays in their career and marketing strategy." In the "The Ins & Outs of Juried Shows," Pat Fiorello covered the juried show landscape with an emphasis on helping you navigate through it all so that you can make thoughtful decisions on where to focus your efforts for the greatest results.

Much of the static comes from simply not knowing where to start looking for new ways to market your art.

"Each year, artists waste millions of dollars and thousands of hours because they don't know the secrets professionals know. Because they don't do things right, they don't get into the good shows that they should have gotten into. And won prizes for. And sold their art from. Grants and fellowships that should have been theirs go to other artists whose work isn't as good. And so on. In addition, thousands of artists fall victim to scams and fly-by-night operations that promise the chance to show and sell their art but deliver only heartache along with a canceled check. And a lot of times good artists don't even know about the best shows or other art opportunities until it is too late." Benny Shaboy. The Art Opportunities Book can't guarantee fame and fortune. It does offer over $7 million in opportunities for:

  • Being accepted into the right shows and events to build your resume
  • Winning awards and prizes to add to your resume
  • Getting a grant, fellowship, or residency to develop your connections and skills
  • Selling work from or after a show
  • Landing a public art commission of up to $1,000,000

Many of these activities are low cost and don't even require travel. Some can lead you to significant income. Then you just need to assess the fit and follow instructions for a ticket in the game. Not a bad thing when gas costs $4 a gallon.

It's all about leveraging what you know. It may be common sense - but are you making it common practice.


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