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Artist Books: Nine Lessons About DIY Artist Book Videos

Once upon a time, I produced management training videos with a crew of scriptwriters, actors, camera operators, sound people, producers and editors.

I was ecstatic if I could bring the cost in under $3000 per minute and complete the project in fewer than three months.

Obviously that was before hand held video cameras were affordable for the masses and waaaay before mobile devices and You Tube.

Now everyone can produce videos and all it takes is the inclination, a decent camera and a bit of planning to create a quality promotional tool.

Pat Fiorello is a former marketing executive turned artist, so she keeps up to date with marketing trends. When we talked about her artist book "Bella Italia, Italy Through the Eyes of an Artist," she told me she decided to do a "book trailer" because:

"Consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products." (Source: Internet Retailer)

Here's what Pat said about her very first do-it-herself video:

"I am not very high tech, but found even with just an iPhone and using iMovie I created a decent first video.

Of course a videographer and professional studio add something. But if you're just starting out, painting on location or marketing on a shoestring budget, you can DYI - create a video yourself:

  1. Get a tripod that holds the iPhone digital camera steady while filming. I bought a Joby GP1-A1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod for less than $20.00.

  2. Don't watch yourself as you tape. You'll be distracted with how you look instead of focused on your message. Turn iPhone the other way around. (Women - wear a bit more make up than usual so you don't look washed out - even just lipstick helps!)

  3. Make sure that you are centered in the frame. Mark the spot on the floor where you need to stand. Take a photo to check from your tripod.      

  4. Make direct eye contact with the camera as if you are talking to one of your friends or clients. 

  5. Keep your energy and enthusiasm up. Smile! Practice in the mirror before you tape.  

  6. Be mindful of what you have in the background. Make sure the environment supports your art and your topic instead of distracting viewers from listening to what you're saying.  

  7. Keep it short. A book trailer, like a movie trailer should be highlights designed to convince the viewer to take a look at the book preview.   

  8. Progress not perfection. You may have to do more than one take, but you are not going for an Oscar here.   

  9. Have a call to action. And voila, please watch my video!



 Do you love Italy?

The Four Steps to Build Quality into Your Art Business

Quality, Partners and Promotion: Key Ingredients for Success for Books by Artists

If you'd like to learn more about how I help artists make a better living from making art - and still have a life, please visit and watch my video.

I've worked with over 4000 artists in groups and 450+ individually. Maybe you'll be next?

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