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Artist Peter Bragino: As Seen on TV

Three steps to stardom-in-training

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

If a picture equals a thousand words, how many words equal a video or TV show?

Dominique Maciejka recently interviewed Peter Bragino on her web based Internet show on BluTV.

You’ll learn about:

  • How Peter got started as an artist. (Good unexpected story here about being a Marine and having an art kit in his barracks.)
  • His initial inspiration to be an artist and when that happened. (Another good story here that involves Peter’s father, a train ride and a deserted station with painted walls.)
  • His current series and where that came from
  • Shamanism and tribal ceremonies
  • Plans for upcoming shows
  • Advice for budding artists

If you listened to the recent interview I did with Peter, you’ll notice that he talks about some of the same things with Dominique, and often with the same or similar words.

If you aspire to do interviews like this – all in one take – no edits – then there are a three major steps (with lots of little actions) to take.

Read the articles I reference with a pen in your hand and you’ll have a first draft in about 5 minutes. 

1. Prime the pump.

I shared from my coaching notes a partial list of twenty questions to answer about you and your art. Art Marketing: My Art Speaks for Itself. NOT!

2. Write before you speak.

If you start with clear thinking, you’re more likely to end of with clear writing and that leads to clear speaking. The Productive Artist: How do I keep up with all this writing? 

3. Practice, practice, practice.

The more you can rehearse, the more naturally you’ll come across. You’ll know your subject so well that you can pay attention to the visual aspects of being interviewed for video or TV. You’ll also be able to adlib answers to impromptu questions by the interviewer.

So, how did your drafts in #1 and #2 come out?

If you could use a little help with preparing for and being in the public eye, please send an email to I can make the experience painless and even fun.

You are also welcome to book a free 15-minute conversation with me.

Click here to learn how to make a better living from your art. The first 15 minutes is on me.

P.S. I am waiting for the first proof printed copy of my book! 

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