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Artist Web Sites: Custom or Template?

Before you move forward on a new website, it's important to know what's available. Websites have changed, dramatically, over the past couple of years.  


Basically, there are custom websites and template websites.  

  • A custom website is created from the ground up by a webmaster. The sky's the limit on what it can look like and how it functions. As such, sky's the limit on the price also. It's created with software on the webmaster's computer, a place to store the website is rented (called "hosting"), and the website files are uploaded to the host and connected to your domain name (your What you end up with is unique, like having tailor-made clothes instead of buying them ready-to-wear.  

  • A template website is more like buying ready-to-wear clothes but having them customized by shortening a hem or taking them in to make them fit better. Like ready-to-wear clothing, template websites usually cost less than tailor-made. They start with, natch, a template, from a company offering those types of sites, then it can be customized for design and functionality, so that it's unique. Design usually takes place online at the hosting company's website system, it's then connected to your domain name, and you're in business.   

These days template websites are so good that most artists can get a very customized website for much less than a custom one, but not all template website companies are the same. What you get for your money varies widely; so first, it's wise (and cost-effective) to think about what you want your website to do for you and how much time/money you have to invest, not only in getting a website, but for ongoing maintenance and updates.  

To help you get started, stay tuned for upcoming topics for this newsletter:

  • 10 questions to ask yourself before you start on a website
  • What a website can, and cannot, do for you
  • How to work with a web designer on your template or custom website
  • Info that should be on every page of your website
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Prepping images for your website
  • Social media and how it supports your website
  • Artist Q&As
  • Blogs, and more! 


If you want help with your website, social media, and art marketing, feel free to contact me. Whether you just need help getting started, or you want help with the whole darned thing, I'm here for you.


The first 15-minutes are on us, click here to sign up for a free phone conversation. If you've already  had a 15-minute conversation, or have already worked with me and want to inquire about any of the above, drop me an email. We have cost-effective packages for all your website and social media needs. 


All my best to you and yours,

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If you're like me and love to have great resources around, I suggest you get on the email list for Aletta de Wal's new book "My Real Job Is Being An Artist: What You Should Know Before You Quit Your Day Job (Or Get One)."   It will help you get really clear about where you are and what YOUR most effective next steps are. Email me to get on the notification list, and get special goodies too!     




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Reader Comments (2)

Nice Post! People always ask why some sites are more expensive then others even though the cheaper one is sometimes the better looking one, yeah I basically tell them the same thing and also depends how good of the graphic/web designer is too!

May 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRommel

Hi Rommel: Thanks for the comment. Of course, I agree with you, the skill of the graphic/web designer is critical no matter what type of site you have. That's why I think we do so well with the template sites, we customize them and each is unique and designed specifically for the client. ;-D

May 28, 2012 | Registered CommenterRobin Sagara

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