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Artist Web Sites: Do You Need A Blog?

Do You Need A Blog?  

That depends.  It's not required, although from a marketing perspective it's certainly a good idea to have one.  

A blog is a journal, like a diary that you write, listed by date.  It's a collection of articles, or "posts" and it makes your online presence more interesting and can seriously benefit your art marketing efforts.

Do you want to share your stories?  Will you commit to sharing your stories regularly?  

People love to read and see the inside scoop on your life as an artist. They want to see your work, your studio and hear about your inspirations and perceptions of life as an artist.  

Having a blog also helps the search engine like Google lead people to you. It helps your "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization), which is a complicated subject, but just know that people who have blogs and write in them regularly end up seeing an increase in traffic to their sites.   

A blog is another facet to your multi-faceted marketing plan.  These days no one marketing strategy will do it all for you, but a blog is a great addition to your marketing efforts, and the content you write for your blog can be reused in your other marketing. Post it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Use what you write in your email newsletter and your printed newsletter if you have one.

If you don't have a blog, consider starting one. If you have one, learn how to make it more effective and commit to writing regularly.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Embed social media buttons in your blog entries: All social media sites have buttons you can use to let people Like, Tweet, Pin and otherwise recirculate your content.      
  • Allow people to subscribe to your blog and get updates via RSS Feed. Add a "Subscribe via RSS" link or button to your website/blog.
  • Allow people to comment, so you can dialogue with them. It's a great way to connect with your collectors and potential collectors.
  • Pay attention to your post/article titles. Most websites will use that title for both the URL and the page title, which are very important.  Use descriptive, specific text. "Plein-air painting on the Kona Coast" is better than "We went painting this Saturday."
  • Use specific text in the post/article to help Google latch on and lead people to you. "Here's a preview of  my painting 'Baby Panther with Mother in Kenya" is better than "Here's my new painting."  See what I mean?
  • Write regularly. Yes, it takes effort, but if you make it part of your usual weekly work, it won't be a chore.  You don't have to write long articles; interesting images are eye candy for the reader. You will likely come to love the time you spend talking about your art, your art adventures, and your musing about life as an artist.
  • Do share links to your blog on your social mediate sites. You've worked hard to write your blog, it's important to share it. 
  • Add links to other pages on your website in your blog post/article, and use the "tags" and "categories" feature of your blog.  Categories are like filing folders, main topics. Tags are like the paper in that folder, each page about something specific.    
  • Don't stress over it; don't use up all of your precious studio time wrestling with it. If you're not confident about what to do and when, get some help. We do a ton of coaching and hands-on help for artists of all levels and can cut your learning curve waayyyy down so you can get back to doing what you love:  creating your art!

I can tutor you one-to-one, and you can request a free 15-minute conversation if you're not sure what help you need.

All my best to you and yours,




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