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Artist Web Sites: Six Tips to Create and Use a Landing Page

If you have a book, e-book, or products and services, you will benefit from using "landing pages" (or "destination pages") on your website. When you use landing pages, you will see your marketing effectiveness go way up. Try one and see!

A landing page is a page on your website with a very specific purpose and narrow focus. People are sent directly to that page (usually via a link), and the page is designed to prompt the viewer to a specific action or result, like buying your book or signing up for a workshop (a "transactional page") or to give them information (a "reference page") to make the visitor a "conversion" which means a potential or new customer.

Here is an example of a landing page I designed for the book "CSI - Courageous Stories of Inspiration" in which Aletta de Wal of A.C.T. is a contributing author.

To create your own landing page, you'll want to focus on Quality, Partners, and Promotion, which, coincidentally, is this month's theme*.  :-D


You put a lot of time and effort into developing a quality product.  Make sure your landing page reflects that quality:

  • The content on the page should be relevant, useful and unique. There should be enough information for the viewer to make a decision but not so much that you overwhelm them (and they go away). This will help you in the search engines also as they give each of your web pages a score based on those criteria (relevance, usefulness, and original content). Don't forget to list your unique features AND the benefits the viewer can expect when they purchase your book or product.  

  • Take the time to design a page that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate by balancing images and text, making your call to action clear, and keeping your call to action "above the fold" (the part of the page most people can see without scrolling). Don't forget to include your contact information on the page.  

  • Be honest and consistent.  Keep the look and feel of your landing page, and whatever you use to get people there, consistent in design and content. You are creating a process that should flow easily with the various pieces fitting together cleanly. Whatever information you use with the link to the landing page, make sure that the viewer is getting what they expect.   


Other people can help you get the word out to many more people than you can on your own.  

  • Make your viewers your partners. Encourage sharing by adding links to your social media pages, so your viewers can share with their audience. Don't forget to thank people who share and comment. Check your social media often, so you can participate and build conversations about your book and products/services.  

  • Partner with other related websites/organizations/events to expand your reach. You can take an ad or have a sponsorship graphic on their website that links to your landing page. Some may want you as a guest blogger, and you can comment on their blogs (relevant comments only!) with a link to your landing page.


Once you've got your landing page, you'll need to promote it. 

  • There are many ways to send people to your landing page: Via a link in your blog post, links on your web pages, a link in an email newsletter, your signature block on your emails, a link posted on social media sites like Facebook, pay per click (PPC) advertising, business cards, postcard, printed materials, and other advertising like banner ads or sponsorships on other websites. When the page is picked up by the search engines, viewers can find there way to your page that way also.  

Landing pages can be a boon to your marketing. Don't forget to track results by checking your website statistics so you know what's working!


If you need some help, just let me know. I can design a page for you or advise you on DIY.

* If you're just catching up with us this week, do go back and read Aletta's posts from the month. You'll gain a wealth of information that you can use now:

The Four Steps to Build Quality into Your Art Business   

Quality, Partners and Promotion as Key Ingredients for Success Books by Artists with a fascinating interview with artist and author Pat Fiorello. Cut your learning curve way down by reading Pat's insights into life as an artist and writing/publishing a book of your work.

Nine Lessons About DIY Artist Book Videos

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