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Aletta de Wal
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Balance: Heal Heart, Inspire Soul and Soothe Mind

Creative Release through Art

Estimated reading time: About 1½ minutes

If you’ve seen the video on my home page or read my chapter in “Courageous Stories of Inspiration,” you know that art has been more than a creative pursuit for me.

Art healed my life when my body broke down.

And when my aura needs a little fluffing, I go into the studio.

So when Bebe Butler contacted me about her project “The Painted Guru” I said Yes without hesitation.

I never pass up an opportunity to renew my creative flow.

You shouldn’t either. (If you are already flowing nicely in your creative pursuits, don’t worry – there’s no such thing as overflow in art or love.)

Starting June 11, 2015 you can get more of what you need to inform or transform the way you create.  Leap into a new level of soulful, joyous and heart centered expression with me and 20 others in an online interview series designed to nurture creatives worldwide.  No charge to you, and we have gifts to give you as well.

It’s called “The Painted Guru … discover how art can heal the heart, inspire the soul and soothe the mind.”

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • How to discover your voice and feel authentic in your expression.
  • How to create intuitively and honestly to awaken freedom on the canvas and in life.
  • How to use life stories as well as imagery and symbols in your creations.

We’ll tell stories that will speak to where you might be and point to where you might go as an artist in a material world.

You’ll remember you’re not alone in the ups and down of the creative life.

Yes, Virginia, there are benefits of making bad art and secrets to be unveiled about passing through rough patches.

There is No Charge for this online event. So set aside some time, say yes to your creative life and click here to sign up for “The Painted Guru!"

P.S. I’m offering a free Creative Release Conversation.

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