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Introducing the "Balancing Art, Life & Marketing" Coaching Program

Estimated Reading time: 4 minutes.

You know that I take my work with artists seriously – but frankly, life seems to be getting too serious all around. Are you feeling that way at all?

That’s not to say we don’t want the responsibilities we’ve chosen.

Most artists work out of home and, besides the title of artist, they are chief cook, bottle washer, gardener, dog walker, sitter and caretaker. And there’s no gender bias here – it applies equally to male and female artists.

And what about the tug between social time with family and friends, making art and being CEO of your art business …

Then there’s the ‘holidays’ coming up. Phew!

I could go on, but I’m guessing you know what I mean.

I know how all that is. I make art, manage Artist Career Training and work with artists. Like many of my clients, I have home and family responsibilities that are not always predictable. I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle, but I have a chronic illness that sometimes interrupts my work and life. I also like to make my own art and take music lessons too.

I rarely go in a straight line or in only one direction. That’s the blessing and the curse of a creative mind and a full life – you know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t you?

I know – and my clients know – the feeling of being on a tightrope. At either end are the poles of the studio and the business. In the middle, balancing busy lives as siblings, parents, and community members …

Does this sound like you?

I know that you prefer to be the "you" that is the calm, competent, creative member of the human race. And that most of the time you are. But conflicting priorities and crunch times can complicate a balanced life.

Are you ready for some gentle, clear and heartfelt support?

Introducing the “Balancing Art, Life & Marketing” Coaching Program

I’d really like you to know all about a new coaching program I developed to help artists who may want more balance with less effort.

I decided it was high time to create an individual, personal one-on-one coaching program to help my clients have a more balanced and spacious life and juggle like pro on a unicycle.

Powerful, Practical and Proven Guidance in Three Simple Stages

I know that you are creative, resourceful and whole and that you just need a bit of help with all you’ve taken on as a responsible adult.

I promise that you’ll get clear on how to get from where you are now to what you want most in your art, life and marketing without feeling overwhelmed and wrung out.

Your life didn’t get as complex as it is - nor did you develop such creative ways to handle it – overnight. So I can’t tell you all about the solutions for such complexity in a few paragraphs. But here’s the summary:

I’ll personally guide you to realign your life, expand your energy, make sounder choices, align your actions with your desires, as well as make better use of your time, money and energy as you juggle only what works for you.

  • First, we’ll examine any attitudes, beliefs and thoughts that make you dizzy and keep your art career and life out of balance. I’ll help you substitute new ones that will gently propel you forward as if you had mental stabilizers.

  • Next, we’ll compare where your art, life and marketing are now, with where you want them to be. I’ll guide you make conscious choices about what to stop doing, start doing keep doing, or do differently.

  • Then, we’ll create a pathway to follow from your current art, life and marketing to your desired future. I’ll show you how to create doable plans and break them down into strides and steps to make steady progress on your artist journey.

End destination: you can make art, make a living and still have a life, like these artists who helped me test the program:

“I find the program easy to work with and I just run with it, needing only occasional help and Aletta's active guidance as she helps me continue on through. At several junctures she made suggestions for additional exercises I could use. Her suggestions were insightful and precisely matched my question or issue at the time – nothing felt canned or forced. 
At all times Aletta is encouraging, supportive, sane, and grounded. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to work with her."

“I find Aletta a joy to work with.  She has an uncanny knack for knowing what makes me tick, which translates to how to motivate me to reach my goals as an artist and as a person. I always feel that she has my best interests at heart and truly cares that I be the best I can be."

“I just returned from presenting two sketches to a committee that is commissioning a large sculpture with two figures. It was such a pleasurable experience, and as I was driving home I reflected on where I was two years ago--before I started working with Aletta as my coach. I learned so much from her that it really gave me confidence to work on these larger projects. She also encouraged me as an artist, and I am much more confident, and as a result, enjoying my life, art and my business more than ever."

I am so excited about the results this program can bring you.

Start adding a bit more balance to your life now. Grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and click here to find out if “Balancing Art, Life and Marketing" is for you.

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