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Money: Crowd Sourcing Through KickStarter

There is an old adage to get you out of the weeds when you are  "bogged down" in a project: "When you're up to your neck in alligators, it's easy to forget that the initial objective was to drain the swamp."

©Connie Bransilver & Nicholas Petrucci


Not so for painter Nicholas Petrucci and nature photographer Connie Bransilver who want to show you the swamp and honor the alligators and the people who live there.

The Guardians of the Everglades project brings the best of their talents together while bringing attention to an endangered environment and lifestyle.

If you want to learn how to align your love of nature together with your art, their project might inspire you.

"Up to now the project has been self-funded with our time, talent and personal investment. However, creating a film that presents the art and the stories and the natural environment faithfully and artistically requires an immense amount of money to cover the costs of equipment, time and technical expertise. We are now turning to the passionate crowd of art and conservation enthusiasts worldwide to help bring the project through to completion. $30,000 will cover the remaining travel, equipment and labor costs of filming the guardians' stories and the environment they so valiantly fight for every day."

You can see some amazing photos and read more about the project at Kickstarter. If you know any conservation enthusiasts, please pass this link along.

Kickstarter is the entrepreneurial artist's equivalent of venture capitalists, only better.  Their tagline, "A new way to fund & follow creativity," describes crowd-sourcing money and encouragement through "a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands."

To learn more about how you can use Kickstarter to fund a project you believe in, read: Artist Entrepreneur: K for Kickstarter - The Artist's Alphabet Guide to Writing About Your Art.
To learn more about Nicholas and Connie, read these posts:

Sweet Equity:  The Backstory of Art Couples - C.E.O. "Just Do It" Connie Bransilver and "Gravitas" Chairman Nicholas Petrucci  

Nicholas Petrucci Brings Back the Jeweled Portraiture of the Masters

Fine Art Photographer Connie Bransilver Captures Fragility and Gentleness on Seven Continents



"I help artists make a better living from their art and still have a life."
Aletta de Wal, Artist Advisor at Artist Career Training inspires fine artists to make a better living making art in any economy. Aletta works with part-time, emerging and full-time artists who are serious about a career in fine arts.  Aletta makes make art marketing easier and the business of art simpler. Equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur, Aletta has worked with over 4000  artists in groups and 400 individually. Her clients say that she inspires them to do the work to be successful, provides the detail to take specific action and supports them through the ups and downs of life and art.

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