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Money: Take Charge of Your Bottom Line


"When it comes to $, we are not working with a blank canvas. We have lots of history and emotion when it comes to the topic of $. Some of this is from our past and some may even be 'inherited' conversations, so to speak, from our parents, grandparent's, schools, other communities or society in general. Other people's beliefs about money and our own early experiences may have shaped what we believe today. Some of those old beliefs may be limiting what's possible for us now. It might be time to take a look at those beliefs and see it's time to challenge or let go of the ones that are no longer serving us. Think of a closet, before you can stock it with lots of beautiful new things, we have to do a little housecleaning and throw out the old junk and clutter." ~ Successful fine artist and workshop leader Pat Fiorello.

Myths about money abound. The most harmful myths imply that great artists do not concern themselves with "the sordid business of coin." It's bad enough that the public believes that this is so. Debunking these harmful thoughts begins with you - the artist.

"Too many artists buy into the myth of the starving artist. If you believe opportunities are limited, that's what you'll find, but if you see that opportunities are truly abundant, that's what you'll experience. If you have a positive attitude and take appropriate and focused actions, you can make a living doing what you love."

A healthy art business starts with clear thinking about what you want from making art and the lifestyle you want to lead. Then add persistent actions over time, good work habits and a dose of common sense. The trick is to make all of this into common practice.

You can create your art business with the resources you have.
You can change the "tapes"running in the background.
You can adopt timeless strategies to make art and make money to suit your personal economy.

Here are 3 resources to guide you. If you follow the directions and suggestions, you will more than recoup your modest investment.

Resource #1: A Teleclass Series (Three Recordings of live classes by phone plus Worksheets) called "Making Money as an Artist: Taking Charge of Your Bottom Line" Artist and A.C.T. Art Business Mentor, Pat Fiorello led this 3-part series.

This program is designed to empower artists to be clear about your economic reality and take charge of your financial health. It will help you uncover blind spots where your history with money may be limiting you today, get clear on your actual financial results and guide you in developing a realistic plan to achieve your financial goals.

Resource #2: Individual coaching
A.C.T. Art Business Mentor, Pat Fiorello is available to work with you individually on your Money Matters! There is no minimum time requirement (beyond 1 hour) and a coaching program can be customized to meet specific needs. Register here for hourly coaching at $90/hour.

Or, in a year-long program which includes a one hour call, a follow up call 3 months later and a call at year end to assess results and adjust, as needed for the coming year. Register here for ongoing coaching at $250.

Resource #3: Books and recordings for independent study
If you want more independent study resources, please visit the Art Business Library to purchase other A.C.T. Art Business Tools. 
You will also find a wealth of resources through our link to Amazon.

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Hello, my name is Jack Frazier. I own a website called Holllajack Clothing Company found and ( ). We are looking for REAL art to display on our website. We are not contacting every artist we see, just the ones that amaze us. We want to showcase art that wows people, and makes them ask "where did you get that"?. We hope you might be interested in sharing your designs with the rest of the world while making a commission that you set (we recommend $1-$5 because it adds to the total cost of the product). We are just starting out and you would be taking a chance on us....but we hope you take that chance. We hope you Holla, and can't wait to see your other work!

March 7, 2013 | Unregistered

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