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Motivation: Cool Down After Break Downs

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You can now listen to the Tip-of- the-Week!

Last week’s tip about computers set off a flurry of e-mails. Here is a great question from artist Patricia Barnett: 

“So, I am not the lone ranger when it comes to computer glitches. Of course, I knew that but reading how you handled it was heartwarming. Computers can be inexplicable. It is especially hard when you are facing a deadline and your computer is not "co-operating". (You may not timely finish your current project.) Do you have some cool down thought processes to share?”

Warming up prepares you for strenuous activity.
Cooling down promotes recovery and  is part of the repair process.
Many people “warm up” before exercising and forget about cooling down.

The same is true for computer glitches.
The cool down is essential if you want your attitude to stay injury free.

Elements of effective and complete cool downs depend on your ability to manage stress.  This is equally true for your body and your thoughts. So try the same sequence when you are facing a deadline and the electrons are not firing in your hardware:

1. Gently exercise your powers of perspective. Put your wetware (brain) to work. Relax your left brain neurons. Engage right brain and find a creative way to regroup.

2. Stretch your mind. Work on tasks best done without technology. Write thank you notes, walk a museum or visualize your next big event.

3. Re-fuel your sense of purpose. Remind yourself why you need the #@%! technology that is slowing you down in the first place. Go back to making art until you can face the keyboard again, instead of the music of the crash.

All three ways of recovering are equally important and work together to repair and replenish your attitude.

P.S. Just to keep it interesting, the switch on my back-up computer just stopped working. I’ll call for help and start the cool down process....

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