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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
3-D Artist






Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
Huguette May

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Motivation: Learning From Successful Artists

It's one of the busiest areas of the A.C.T. website and I'm glad!  Why? Because lots of our readers are benefiting from the wisdom of those who have gone before them. It's the Featured Artist area. MentoringThere you will find interviews with successful artists who were very generous in giving their time and knowledge so that YOU can succeed faster and easier:

  • If you Twitter you probably know Lori McNee, a Twitter powerhouse and accomplished painter. She commented on how she handles obstacles: "Rejection is a common occurrence and usually unavoidable for any artist. Learning to deal with rejection is important and a necessary step in the pursuit of success."
  • Huguette May, very successful with her representational still life drawings, has art marketing strategies she wants to share with you: "My strategy has been to build one step at a time - in other words, select a task, do it to completion, then move on to the next - or do things in coordinated pairs or groups that support each other."
  • As a photographer, Scott Erb values professionalism and knows how critical it is to a successful art career: "I believe that being professional and having yourself organized speaks volumes to a potential gallery or art dealer. Sometimes it's not enough just being an amazing artist. They want to know that you are committed to your craft and art career for the long haul."

There is soooo much more there. Please do take advantage of it and spend some time letting successful artists share their secrets of success with you.


Then, when you want to get going on your art marketing, e-mail me, to book a free 15-minute conversation about how I can help you grow your art business. I am passionate about creating low-cost business and marketing solutions for artists and I want to help you succeed.

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Robin Sagara
Business & Marketing Solutions for Fine Artists


P.S. Here are a couple of related learning products where you can learn from the pros about marketing your art:

  1. "What I Have Learned As A Gallery Dealer That I Wish I Had Known As An Artist"
    Online gallery dealer and artist Kathy Swift turned down 75% of the artists who asked her to show their work in her gallery. The reasons had nothing to do with the quality of their art. Find out how you can be part of the 25% who do get shown. (Digital recording and PDF file from this wonderful class.)
  2. "Sell My Art! Finding & Keeping Effective Representation"
    Join A.C.T. Art Business Mentor, Margaret Danielak, art rep and author of the popular book, A Gallery Without Walls: Selling Art in Alternative Venues, for a riveting TeleClass on finding and keeping effective representation. (Digital recording.)
  3. Find more resources at the A.C.T. website and at the A.C.T. Art Business Library.


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