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Motivation: Take the Tax Time Recovery Program

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Everything that goes up comes down. And then it goes up again.

In upturns, we give ourselves credit for making good decisions. We declare that we have finally found the holy grail of the art world. Now, we are on the right track! We go out for dinner and celebrate.

In downturns, we become the loudest critics on the planet. We chide ourselves for choosing the wrong shows and not making sales. We blame the gallery, the weather, or the economy . We eat leftovers and talk to the cat.

If you are somewhere between the up and the down, your situation is normal. Not pleasant perhaps, but normal.

Money is on just about everyone's mind. The state of the economy is all over the news. Credit card companies tell us we need credit for basic necessities. We are all feeling taxed in more ways than one. And tax time has a way of bringing home the real truth about our money matters. Income is no reflection on your art talents but it does reflect the sturdiness of your business model.

Fretting will only waste your time and add wrinkles to your forehead.

Try this  7-day post-tax time recovery program to regroup for the rest of your year:

Day One:     Make a cup of tea. Remember that all of this is for art, and you chose this life;
Day Two:     Make art or hang out in your studio for 15 minutes to 15 hours;
Day Three:     Write down 50 to 2500 words about what you want from your art;
Day Four:     Write down 5 to 7 ways you plan to get it;
Day Five:     Set aside an hour to a day for administration and use it each month.
Day Six:     Set aside $5.00 to $500 for marketing and use it each month.
Day Seven:     Talk to someone about your art progress daily or monthly.
"Success is not final and failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."
- Winston Churchill
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Reader Comments (1)

Aletta, thanks for the ideas. It's great that you've broken them up into daily, acheiveable tasks.

April 20, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKatherine Swift

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