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Motivation: You Get What You Focus On

It's true. Because when you pay attention to something, put energy into that something, talk/read/write about it, you move in that direction.

That lesson is taught to race car drivers because in the beginning they tend to focus on NOT hitting the wall. And guess what happens? They tend to hit the wall because they're focused on the wall (even in a "don't go there" sense). But if they ignore the wall and focus on making the turn guess what happens? They usually make the turn (sans wall).

It works for everything. I see examples of it all the time. Here's a good one:  artists focusing on and even telling everyone that "I'm a starving artist."  Guess what?  Poof!  You're a starving artist. Say it long enough, focus on it long enough and you'll get your wish. Seriously.

So stop it already! Choose instead to focus on something better. Start with the obvious and just STOP saying things like, "I'm a starving artist" and "I can't afford to invest in myself and my art business."  Focus on where you want to end up, think about it, talk about it, visualize it. Get r-e-a-l-l-y familiar with it. Marinate in it. Turn those statements around and say, "I'm an artist who is becoming more successful every day" and "Investing in myself and my art business is smart and pays off handsomely."

This does not mean make wishes and then sit on your hands until it happens, because it won't. You gotta put it into motion.  Just like the race car driver who won't actually get anywhere until they step on the accelerator.  Soooo.....Set your end goals and dream your dreams, get started in that direction with a plan, mind your thoughts and course-correct as you go along. Try it, you'll like it!

All my best to you and yours,

Robin Sagara
Web Marketing Mentor

P.S. If you read this far, good for you! You deserve a treat that will help set you on your new, focused path:  If you have a "how to" question about your art business, marketing or website, email me at to schedule a 15 minute phone consult for free. No cost, no muss, no fuss, and no strings attached. Honestly, I find that by giving, I get back, and you get a sample of how we work and will likely do business with us more in the future. Just how it works, ya know!

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Reader Comments (2)

Robin - loved this post. The longer I'm around, the more I believe in the power of positive, focused visualization. I would only add that - (my being a tortoise rather than a hare) it's not how fast we move toward our goals - but that whatever the pace, the movement remain clearly focused and forward . . .

February 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterHuguette May

Thanks Huguette: I think as long as we're all moving forward, it's a good thing. Of course, if you want to move forward faster you have to, well, move forward faster. ;-D I know a lot of artists who are very busy and going fast, but without focus, and they're getting nowhere. Or as the saying goes, "We are sure are making good time, but we're not getting anywhere."

February 14, 2011 | Registered CommenterRobin Sagara

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