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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
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Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
Huguette May

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“My Real Job is Being an Artist” is here

Order your copy now.

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Someone asked me today if seeing my book in the print version was anything like having a baby.

I don’t know. I’ve never had a baby, but now I can tell you a lot about my experience of birthing a book.

And I can tell you I was thrilled to open the first box.

Last week, we sent out the "thank you" copies for people who were instrumental in helping this book come into the world.

I’ve been enjoying hearing from people who helped create the book either by a quote, or reviewing earlier versions of the manuscript.

“My Real Job is Being an Artist” is an indispensable reference book about the art business and how to prepare for success as a fine artist. Author Aletta de Wal, who is both an artist and art business coach, provides a fresh look at exactly what an artist needs to do to become self-supporting. Aletta draws upon more than twenty years of relevant experience to explain how she and other successful artist clients have achieved their goals.

For artists who are not sure where or how they fit into the art world, this book provides detailed information on exactly what to do to break into the next stage of their career. Chapters on how to plan your time, visualize goals, and monitor progress are especially pertinent.

Readers will appreciate Aletta de Wal’s practical advice on how to make the most of their limited time, energy and resources to land that perfect day job… as an artist!”

~Margaret Danielak

Margaret Danielak
Owner of DanielakArt – Art Sales & Consulting Services
Author of “A Gallery without Walls: Selling Art in Alternative Venues”


"Even if you only read the third section of “My Real Job is Being an Artist”, ‘The Basics of an Art Business,' you would be well on your way to a successful career in the arts.

But wait, there are two other outstanding sections filled with everything you need to know to grow your business and build your career. This is a must read if you are serious about your success."

~Lee Silber

Lee Silber
Award-winning author of the Business Books For Artists series
Founder of Creative-Lee Speaking,


When you buy your copy, please email me to let me know, so I can add you to my special list of people to invite to special online events.


Could you use some help making a decision about your next steps as a working artist and human being?

The first 15 minutes is on me.

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