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Print Promotional Tools: Artist Marketing Packets

If you are on a tight budget, our series of practical tips will help you use effective low-cost marketing tools to promote your art with class. So far we have covered:

  • Your Promotional Identity
  • Business Cards and Cover Letters to introduce yourself and your art
  • Postcards, Rack Cards, Flyers, Brochures and Catalogues and Portfolios to broadcast information about yourself and your art.

  • Today we cover your artist marketing packet.

    A stellar art marketing packet gets right to the point and delights the recipient.   

    Photo: Copyright ©2010 AGK
    Bruce Marion's Completed Packet
    When to Use an Artist Marketing Packet Instead of an Art Marketing Portfolio.

    Think of it as a parent-child relationship. Your marketing portfolio is the parent showing off your everyday brand. Your marketing packet is the child dressed for a special event.

    You can use your artist marketing packet to:

  • Respond to calls for art in prestigious galleries and museums;
  • Apply for juried membership in professional art clubs to build your reputation;
  • Compete for residences to develop your art and build connections
  • Apply for grants to further your artistic excellence and  merit
  • Invite collectors to a special event to thank them for their patronage (and of course show them new art for sale);

  • How to Design an Artist Marketing Packet
    If you already have a master portfolio, you don't have to start from scratch. (If you don't have one yet, make sure to get this done this year. You will thank yourself later when you need to come up with something at the drop of a hat. There's more help on how to create your master professional portfolio here: Artists Need a Professional Portfolio.)

    Always design with your audience in mind:

  • If you are inviting collectors to an event, create an appealing package and write irresistible, compelling content;
  • If you are competing with other artists for exhibitions, residencies, grants or apprenticeships, follow instructions.

  • Then make your submission the highest quality possible, so yours stands out from the "also rans."

    Use your creative genius to create an artist marketing packet that reflects your art aesthetic and your brand

  • Decide which contents to include to suit your audience and purpose:
  • Cover letter
  • One- or two-page resume
  • Artist's statement
  • Articles and press
  • Labeled color photocopies of images
  • Inventory list for all images with retail prices
  • Sample rack cards, brochures, postcards, business cards
  • DVD
  • CD of contents
  • Event RSVP
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE)
  • Take a look at this invitation to a collectors' event from established artist and A.C.T. community member Bruce Marion. This beautiful packet came in a FedEx envelope so of course, I opened it right away. Priority mail is another option. Both say "Open me First." The extra expense is worth the impact. The whole effect spells "class and care." (More about that in future interviews with Bruce.)
    Photo: Copyright ©2010 AGK
    Bruce Marion's Packet - 2


    Photo: Copyright ©2010 AGK
    Bruce Marion's Packet - 3

    Photo: Copyright ©2010 AGK
    Bruce Marion's Packet - 4

    Remember to Follow-up
    Sending a packet - or any other marketing piece - is just the beginning. Follow up by e-mail or by telephone a couple of weeks after you mail the packet. Ask  the recipient if they have had time to look at it and if you can provide any more information to help them make a favorable decision. Remember to thank them for their time and attention, whether or not they respond as you hoped.

    Digital Arts Studio

    Gift For You ImageP.S. If you want to refine your art marketing or are bewildered about where to even begin with your promotion, reply to this e-mail with your questions and ask me about a free 15 minute consultation to help you get started.
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