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Print Promotional Tools: Getting It All Packaged And Mailed

The key here is to make everything you send out represent you well without going broke or spending much of your precious studio time on it.

Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but it bears repeating and is reeealllly important:  Good clean design, consistency and readability are critical. Plan ahead for a quality results that save you time and money.  Re-read Aletta's "How to Use Print Promotional Tools" tips and my "Marketing Action Tips."  Seriously, there is a wealth of info there. Click here for an index that will help you find what you need.

Hands wtih MoneyBefore you start designing or placing that order with the printer, check postage rates at The bigger your printed promotional piece is, and the more it weighs, the more it's going to cost you to mail it. I have an inexpensive food scale that measure in grams, up to a pound, and it's invaluable. Since you may not have an actual sample to weigh, find something you have in the same size and about the same weight of paper and weigh it. If it's even close to an ounce, your finished piece may go over and cost you more. If you don't want to pay the extra, opt for a smaller size or a lighter weight paper.

Click here for my short video on how to let the United States Post Office websitse help you, and here for my short video showing where to find more info in the A.C.T. Blog to help you design and get it all printed.

If you're selling your note cards, consider putting individual cards with their envelope into a glassine sleeve, or tie them with a piece of raffia or ribbon. Boxed sets are popular and can include 10 or 12 of one card, or a mix. Don't forget to estimate what it will cost you to send it to your customer, it may be more than you think.  Click here for info on where to get supplies, and here for DIY Tips.

Also, do what I do and create what I call "master files" that you can re-use and adapt as you need them, and back them up. Saves a ton of time and money. Click here for more info on that topic.

Jump With A Great ParachuteLast but not least, please go and read the article I wrote called "Jump With a Great Parachute." I know darned well that you're going to go off and try and do all this on your own, that's what people do in the beginning and that's okay and why I'm giving you all these tips on "how to." Then at some point you're going to realize how very much time and effort it all takes, how you don't want to sacrifice your precious studio time any more, and you're going to start thinking like the successful professional artists I work with. You're going to realize that you need help and it's worth the investment to have a professional help you get it all done. That's when I'd like you to contact me, because that's what I do for a living: I help fine artists get back to doing what they love (and what is actually making them money).
 I do hope to hear from you soon! All my best to you and yours,

Digital Arts Studio


Robin Sagara
Web Marketing Mentor


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