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Print Promotional Tools: Postcards Deserve More Respect

Mail boxes
I keep every postcard artists send to me. I am dismayed that each year, I receive fewer and fewer of them. Ten years ago, I filled a box that my year's supply of copy paper came in. This year, a shoebox is only one quarter full.

When I ask artists why they don't send postcards anymore, they tell me:
  • "They take too much time to create and mail."
  • "They cost too much now that postage has gone up."
  • "E-mail is easier."
  • "I don't have surface mail addresses."
  • Postcards take little time to create. You already have images of your work. You have text of your contact information on your business cardAll you need to add is your message. (More about that next week.)
  • Mailing postcards only takes your time to print labels, put on stamps and maybe add a personal note. You can print labels while you are putting on stamps. (Or get the local kids to do this. Just ask Robin about her crew.) Okay, the note takes the longest because you have to think about what to say and handwrite it.
  • Postcard postage costs less than a letter. And you don't have to fold anything, put it in an envelope or weigh it.
  • E-mail may be easier but it is far less effective. E-mail is easy to ignore. I don't print out e-mails. I do pull them out of my daily mail first. I put beautiful postcards on my refrigerator to enjoy and for others to see.
  • Surface mail addresses are still important. They don't change as often as e-mail. Getting them is a sign that the person is interested in you and your work.  I make it a point to go to local events that feature my clients, especially when they send me a postcard and remind me with e-mail.
Give postcards the respect they deserve.

Digital Arts Studio

P.S. If you are curious about how to market your designs for licensing make sure to join Tara Reed* for "How to Find and Interact with Manufacturers Who License Art"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 4:00 pm Pacific.  Click here to reserve your spot. Tara will answer these questions and more
  • How do companies find art to put on products?
  • How do you find companies that license art?
  • What do you do if you are afraid of picking up the phone?
  • What are the key attitudes to succeed in licensing and in particular, with talking to manufacturers?
  • What are the main tips when you have a client?  
  • How do you stay connected and build the relationship?
  • Why is follow-up so important?
If licensing is new to you, here are three highly recommended resources to help you decide whether or not you should license your art:

1.  Read These A.C.T. tips:
2.    Check out this book: "Art Licensing 101."

3.    Order this recording and PDF of Tara Reed's* TeleClass: "Five Things Artists Should Consider Before Deciding to License Your Art"

How are you making your art business blossom? Share your stories here. (Click Here and leave a comment on the blog.)

*FTC disclosure: When we find artists who have deep, proven experience in a topic that will help you make a better living making art, we put them front and center.  When these fine folks offer services and products that are first class, sometimes we agree to help each other get the word out to you with an "affiliate" arrangement, which means that we will earn a small commission for referring you to their resources. Those are marked with an * asterisk on our web site, in ArtMatters! and our tip.


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I agree! I have been invited to have my work on display at a local Detroit area gallery. One of the owners of the gallery is a customer at the salon where I had my last show and she picked up my POSTCARD and we met up last week and we will be doing the paperwk next month....Thanks for everything!

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