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Thank You

Balancing Art, Life and Marketing

Estimated time to read this tip: Under 2 minutes

If you’ve just made the annual Thanksgiving migration, I hope you had an easy time there and back and a chance to connect with people you care about. You have to really want to make that trip to endure some of the travel trials that pop up out of nowhere when you are trying to get somewhere.

You don’t have to celebrate American Thanksgiving to express thanks to people you care about. There is no expiry date on appreciation. Food does not have to be involved. Not even travel. 

Saying please and thank you never goes out of style and because you’re an artist, you can have fun with expressing yours. Here’s my starter list of 30 ways you can do so

Don’t forget to thank yourself with a little time off now and then. Just because you love being an artist doesn’t mean you don’t need a break now and then. 

Your creative muscles run on more than drive and focus.

And they’ll respond better after a breather now and then.

You art career will be waiting for you when you return.


Artist Career Training’s mission is to help you make a better living making art - and still have a life. 

Could you use some help creating enough space for your art, life and marketing?

  • What if you could redesign your life to make room for all the things in your life that are most important to you.

  • What if you didn’t have to figure out how to do the redesign on your own?

  • What if you had a guide who gave you the templates and the support to create a new blueprint for balancing your art, life and marketing?

You can.

I can help.

Past clients will vouch for their results.

I’ve worked with people about this issue since I began my coaching career. Instead of the promised leisure lifestyle starting at 50, its now common to hear people say they cannot afford to retire.

Maybe – or maybe not anytime soon.

I created Balancing Art, Life and Marketing so you can find ways to feel more in charge and less in a state of overwhelm. The first two rounds of artists who’ve participated can vouch for the process. Will you be part of the 2016 core group?

Take a look at what’s involved and let’s talk. Then send an e-mail to to start the conversation.

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