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"Books Make a Great Gift"

By and For Writers and Artists and People Who Love Them

Estimated time to read this tip: Under 2 minutes.

If you want to send a gift to an author, artist, musician, performer (or someone who loves them) Lee Silber has a great variety of books to choose from. 

Lee really "gets" creative people. He’s a great choice because he’s an author, musician, presenter and enthusiastic creative colleague. 

Lee Silber

Lee is the best selling author of 21 books and an award-winning speaker with these numbers to back that up:

• 5 Businesses / 1 Corporate Training Company

• 2 Bands / The Midlists and The Danny-Lee Band

• 21 Books / 10 Awards / 57 Printings

• 1480 Speeches / 124 "Excellent" Ratings in a Row

• 1357 Media Appearances / 1 Radio Talk Show

From Lee’s recent blog post “Books Make a Great Gift”

“If you know someone who loves a good mystery, I’ve got two great books for you. Have a friend or family member who wants and needs to get organized; I’ve got a book for that. How about someone who loves music? Know any parents (or grandparents) who want new ways to entertain the kids on a cold and day or long drive? There’s a book for that. 

In fact, with 21 books to offer, I have a lot of holiday gifts that would be signed and sent from me to a person of your choice. Just tell me which book, how many copies, who to sign it to, and where to send it and I’ll do the rest. (Even wrap it if you’d like.)”

I already have a lot of Lee’s books. But maybe you could use one or two. 

Besides he’s just one of those great people who is on board with creative endeavors and freely helps others. So I’m paying that forward.

[Full disclosure: Lee doesn’t know I’m doing this today, and I don’t make any money from this. Lee’s books are good and stand up to the test of time. He wrote a pre-publication review for my book and then took the time again after he read the final version to drop me a note.

Man, what a great book. I am blown away. It's just what a lot of artists need. I read it over the weekend and love how you broke the book up into bite-sized segments. Brilliant. I love it.

~Lee Silber

I’m so honored. Thanks Lee.]

“My Real Job is Being an Artist” contains the basics of building a solid body of signature work, productive work habits and legal foundations for your art business. 

Artist Career Training’s mission is to help you make a better living making art, and still be able to have a life. 

Could you use some help making informed decisions about your art business?  

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