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What Are Your Plans?

Balancing Art, Life and Marketing

Estimated time to read this tip: A hair past one minute

Pop quiz

Over the "holidays," will you:

A. Celebrate the season with people, presents and promises?
B. Volunteer at a local food bank or do random acts of kindness?
C. Travel to spend short days skiing or long ones lounging on a beach?
D. Use the time to catch up on your work?
E. Lament the speedy passage of another year and how you didn’t get everything done?

You probably had more than one answer.  I do.

The most common one I hear first at the end of the year is the last one about the speed and passage of time.

You know that time speeding up is only perception. And catching up to something that isn’t moving is impossible. Yet still we try.

Time is a measurement system, so it doesn’t move – we do – and at varying speeds. When we don’t get as much done as we had hoped, we imagine time is passing us by. When we speed ourselves up to meet deadlines (set by others or self-imposed), we may get more done – or not - but we may also sacrifice some quality and enjoyment along the way.

Your achievements don’t start in January and end in December. And they certainly don’t lend themselves neatly to a day, a week, or a month.

Artistic achievements are organic and messier. If all of our results were all regular, neat and tidy, how creative would we be?

And when it comes down to it, underneath all the joyous fanfare of this season in North America, what is most precious is people. The ones we have now and the ones who have taken their leave.

The calendar year is a tool of convenience – a marking system to keep track of measured time.

You are the master clock maker.
You make the plans.
You do the work.
You reap the rewards.
You celebrate with people you care about.
You decide what goes on the calendar and you declare what stays off.

You are all amazing.

May we all learn to find or create some peace in moments here, there and everywhere.

Remember to breathe.

Last Minute Gift 
for writers, other artists and people who love them
(And a copy for your library)

“My Real Job is Being an Artist” is an indispensable reference book about the art business and how to prepare for success as a fine artist.  Author Aletta de Wal, who is both an artist and art business coach, provides a fresh look at exactly what an artist needs to do to become self-supporting.  Aletta draws upon more than twenty years of relevant experience to explain how she and other successful artist clients have achieved their goals.

"For artists who are not sure where or how they fit into the art world, this book provides detailed information on exactly what to do to break into the next stage of their career. Chapters on how to plan your time, visualize goals, and monitor progress are especially pertinent.

"Readers will appreciate Aletta de Wal’s practical advice on how to make the most of their limited time, energy and resources to land that perfect day job… as an artist!”

~Margaret Danielak 
Owner of DanielakArt – Art Sales & Consulting Services
Author of “A Gallery without Walls: Selling Art in Alternative Venues” 


P.S. I’m taking some time off the grid to play and then to work on my business instead of in my business. That combination always leaves me feeling really ready for another calendar year. Peace.

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