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The Productive Artist: A No Calorie Recipe for Your Sweet Artistic Success

The Productive Artist

I was reading a blog post this morning with a link to Caramel Apple Pecan pie. My mouth began to water. Then my mind began to talk me out of actually baking one, but I had to look at the recipe.

The bit of information that saved my hips was that one slice was almost 700 calories!!!

Yikes – do you know how much broccoli that is?

Let me be clear. I am not a food prude.

I like to indulge now and again as long as I can exercise away the extra calories in less than a week and not have my teeth writhing from the experience.

And, along with my business goals, I have guidelines for my health and fitness that help me make good choices.

So, I decided to create a no calorie recipe for your sweet artistic success. (I recommend a cup of hot cider with a cinnamon swizzle stick as a reward.)




1. Start with a clear picture of the end result.
Envision your distinctive, overall artistic direction and define the lifestyle you want.
Consult your vision regularly to filter your choices and make new versions.
Make adjustments to the mix as you discover what works and what doesn’t.

2. Combine evenly with “daily actions” kneaded to make a living making art.
Start with the people you’ll work with, what you need to accomplish, by when, how, and where.
Sift in a few alternative scenarios to create unexpected (good) outcomes.
Review regularly, so you can make sensible and exciting adjustments.

3. Add the right people to support your “artistic delight.”
Have a clear profile of your viewing and buying audience.
Mix in best friends, artist and suppliers.
Communicate your artistic vision and your events often.
Clean up your mailing list before and after each use, so you’ll be ready for the next step.

4. Fold in consistent self-promotion strategies.
Become your own publicity person.
Decide when, where, how and why to be seen to reach your goals.
Do your research, produce-produce-produce, and stay in motion.

5. Whisk the whole mixture with sound entrepreneurial practices and effective business habits.
Debunk the myth that artists are flakes – A.C.T. professionally.
Include creative art marketing that reflects the creativity you exhibit in your art.
Add financial, legal and other capabilities as needed for the details.

6. Sprinkle your secret ingredients throughout.
Add a dash of your signature.
And a dollop of your personality.
As well as a shot of your artful panache.

7. Give the mixture time to rise to the level you can sustain.

8. Consolidate the ingredients and distribute evenly to release the seasoning.

9. Add your own twist and never let the resulting delicacy sit unattended for too long!

Repeat as needed.

Stretch every ounce of your talent, abilities and resources to make as much as possible of your absolute best art.

Add tons of self-respect and enough determination and patience to develop more skills, and learn from your experience.

If you need an extra cook in your art business kitchen, let me know!

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Reader Comments (1)

Thanks so much for this post. It was the perfect recipe. Have a very happy Holiday season!

December 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterBeth Parker

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