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Aletta de Wal
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The Productive Artist -- How to Find an Artist Representative

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I met Scottish artist Julie Snyder through Artist Representative Margaret Danielak. I’m often asked how to "get" an artists rep or agent. My short answer is that you first have to get their attention.

Photo: Aletta de Wal, Julie Snyder and Margaret Danielak

"An effective art rep is like a film agent; each performs a similar function.  If you were an aspiring movie star, rather than a visual artist, one of your greatest assets would be your agent.

"Your agent would be contacting people on your behalf who could help advance your career, and  gain you opportunities that you would never otherwise enjoy.  Your agent would introduce you to important people in the film business, to up-and-coming directors and producers, and would be aware of the 'behind the scenes' goings-on in that business.

"Each and every day, your agent would be attempting to make you - your face and your work, the focus of the entire world.

"Art reps, like agents, attempt to do the same - only they operate in the Art World to promote their artists. Unlike a gallery, art reps usually represent a small group of artists.  I represent only seven, including Toni Scott and my late father."
From "A Gallery without Walls" by Margaret Danielak

Margaret Danielak leaves no stone unturned for the artists she represents. An art representative can do a lot for you, if you qualify:

  • Develop and nurture your career by introducing you to the right people.
  • Introduce you to important opportunities in your field. (e.g. major commissions, grants, international exhibitions, etc.)
  • Sell your artwork to collectors and others whom you would not otherwise know.
  • Obtain commissions (if desired) and negotiate the contracts related to those commissions.
  • Depending upon your agreement, your rep may also try to get your work into galleries and/or into museum exhibitions and permanent collections, and use his or her contacts to get you press coverage.

Where do you go to find an effective gallery rep? What qualifications do you need before you approach an art rep? How do you approach a rep? How do you actually meet one? 

The Productive Artist: How to Get (and Keep) an Artist Representative

The Productive Artist: How to Work With an Artist Representative

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