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The Productive Artist: How to Get (and Keep) an Artist Representative

In the second annual A.C.T. Art Marketing Q&A artists asked questions about how to get an art representative. The short answer is to be noticed because you have a strong body of signature work, have a solid exhibition track record, and are professional about every aspect of your art business.

You'll find a more complete answer by Artist Representative Margaret Danielak in "Sell My Art!
Danielak - Tour of Women's Art - 2011
Danielak - Tour of Women's Art - 2011
Finding & Keeping Effective Representation."
Margaret gives you the straight story on the questions like:  
  • Where do you go to find an effective gallery or rep? 
  • What qualifications do you need before you approach an art rep? 
  • How do you approach a rep? 
  • How do you keep a rep? 
Margaret was kind enough to briefly answer a few additional questions here:
What's the best way to keep art consultants up to date on new work?  How often should I contact them? I'm wondering if it should be an email newsletter every 2 months or a more personal letter?

Danielak: Once a month.  Personal email every other month is good too.  I still like postcards (every 3 months).   Giving the communications some variety would be good.
At what level is it advisable to have a professional handle marketing?

Danielak: Mid career if you can afford it and have the track record required.  Until then, you can do it yourself.... with Twitter, Facebook and email newsletters.  You can create your own blog and post to it regularly.  All easy and affordable!        


Is there value in having my work professionally reviewed and if so who can I find to do it?

Danielak: Reviews and evaluations are good to obtain at every level of your career.  The California Art Club has a free professional review with (living) master artists.  If you are a member of the (CAA) Club, you can sign up to have your work (verbally) evaluated.  From what I understand, 1-2 master artists conduct the review along with one of the administrators of the Club itself.  Takes about an hour.  Artists have told me they have benefited greatly from this.  I'm sure there are other professional associations, school and reps that will also provide this service.  
In addition, when you are given a one woman or one man show at a gallery, art reviewers from newspapers and magazines will consider reviewing your work/show (is part of their job to do so).  You/the gallery have to give them plenty of advance notice, however (i.e. 3 months.) Note: they tend not to give reviews of art shows in alternative venues. 


Artist Representative Margaret Danielak is Curator of Exhibitions at the Women's City Club of Pasadena at the historic Blinn House.  She is the author of A Gallery without Walls, and specializes in exhibiting art in alternative venues. For a more detailed explanation of how to work with an artist representative, check out: "Sell My Art! Finding & Keeping Effective Representation." *  Margaret is also available for consultations.*   

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