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The Productive Artist: How to Work with an Artist Representative

Martha Richards and Margaret Danielak

Martha Richards, Executive Director, WomenArts and Margaret Danielak (Right) at the De Young Museum, San Francisco, C

Recently I took a break from coaching artists to enjoying learning about the work of women artists - a greatly underappreciated group when it comes to museums! My friend and colleague Margaret Danielak led the tour, sponsored by WomenArts, at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, California.

As an art rep, lecturer and ArtNetwork Press author, Margaret produces innovative art-related events in alternative venues. Her company, Pasadena-based DanielakArt has exhibited the work of its artists at the California School of Culinary Arts, Heritage Wine Company, Vroman's Bookstore, the Fine Artists Factory, Sweetland Hall (All Saints Church), and Phantom Galleries LA at Homestead House in Pasadena among other locations.

Artists often ask me about how to get an artist rep. Margaret has the answer for you in "Sell My Art! Finding & Keeping Effective Representation."

I thought you might be interested in peeking behind the curtain to learn more about what it takes for an artist rep to do what Margaret does so well.

With Margaret's permission I share with you the letter she sent me after our great day.

Dear Aletta:
Thank you so much for coming to my Feminist Tour of Women Made Art at The de Young Museum on April 2nd, 2011.  Was so pleased that WomenArts of San Francisco accepted my proposal, which I submitted in January, and even happier to have the great turn out!  As I suspected from my tours of the Norton Simon Museum here in Pasadena, there is much interest and demand for that type of programming which I am pursuing with women's groups and museums across the country.  As we discussed, so much excellent art has been created by women over the years, and yet so many of these artists, and their outstanding work, has been forgotten or simply not included in art history books and classes.  (What a's like robbing history!) 
You asked about my other activities.  Last year, in September, I heard a serious "rumble in the art jungle" - that The California Art Club (CAC) was going to pull out of The Women's City Club of Pasadena at the Historic Blinn House in order to utilize another venue.  As a member of The Women's City Club of Pasadena, I was familiar with their art program, and thought "I can do that!"  So I wrote a detailed proposal nominating myself as their new Curator and pitched a new art program tailored to their needs.  I actually forgot about my pitch until five weeks ago when I received a call from the Club's Manager and the President, who told me that in fact the CAC had pulled out and asked if I would be interested in taking it over?  My jaw dropped and I said "yes!"   So here I am, having just sent acceptance letters to 17 wonderful artists for SPRING FORWARD: CELEBRATING WOMEN ARTISTS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA which hangs April 29th.  The 50 piece show will be up for three months - May 1 through July 30.
In addition to that serious pitch, last year in September, I submitted a portfolio of my late father's paintings to Jose Vera Fine Art & Antiques in Los Angeles.  I had worked with their gallery last year on the BLACK INDIANS exhibition of Toni Scott's work, and liked them and their space very much.  They specialize in featuring art by Spanish speaking artists and artists of color, but are willing to make a few exceptions.  Fortunately, my late father's work of his landscapes of the Southwest filled the bill, and so, the day before I hang the show at The Women's City Club, on April 28th, I am dropping off 30 bright, colorful paintings created the last 20 years of my father' s life for the largest exhibition of his work ever and his first in Los Angeles - From Santa Fe to L.A. - Landscapes of the Southwest by Robert G. Stevens (1926 - 2004).  You know that I often rent gallery space for exhibitions - but this is not a rental situation.  I had to submit a portfolio to the gallery manager and the owner, Mr. Vera - and treat the entire proposal and now, the exhibition, as if I were the artist!  Am so glad that we already printed the showcards, (end of February) and sent out a major press release, (done middle of February) and taken care of reframing/framing most of the work so that I do not have to stress about it right now.  In fact, ARTSCENE, the big gallery guide for Los Angeles, just contacted the gallery manager about the show; they want to do rather extensive article about my father's career, which can only help attendance and sales!
Thank you again for attending my Feminist Museum Tour.  I hope to do many more.  I'm also looking forward to giving you updates in a few months about the new Art Program at The Women's City Club of Pasadena.
Warm regards,
Margaret Danielak

DanielakArt - Art Sales & Consulting Services
Curator, The Women's City Club of Pasadena
Phone:  626-683-9922
Author:  A Gallery without Walls (ArtNetwork Press) 
Featured Selection: North Light Book Club


Aletta Signature

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