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The Productive Artist: Six Tips For More Effective Online Reading and Writing

Having a successful online presence means doing some reading and writing. Your social media, emails, and website content will be more effective if you remember these six tips:

  1. Review your emails first thing in the morning, thoroughly. 

    Sort your email by date received and then by whom it's from. That way you won't miss earlier/later emails that could have critical information that will change how you reply.

  2. Reply in a timely manner.

    Letting days go by before you reply to emails and voice mail tells people that you don't value them. I have a rule to never let 24 hours pass without a reply to every email or phone call, even if it's just to say that I'll get back to them in a day or so.

  3. Remember to scroll. 

    Read more than just the first few lines, so you have everything you need for an intelligent reply.  With that in mind, do your reader a favor by being brief and to the point in your writing. You'll get your message across faster and more accurately.

  4. Send user-friendly attachments. 

    Keep the recipient in mind: In your email let them know you have attached a file, and then make it easy for them to open it. They may not have the same software as you do, so when in doubt, ask "Do you have xxxx software and is it the current version or an older one?"  There is usually a "Save As..." option to save the file in an older format, or send PDFs of documents and jpgs of images. Most people can easily open those.

  5. Keep your goals in mind.

    It's easy to wander off in your writing onto topics or ideas not relevant to your message. This can confuse or overwhelm your reader. Stay on-point and be brief, and if you use examples in your writing, make sure they are something your reader can relate to.

  6. Practice good spelling and grammar.

    Whether you're writing an email, a blog entry, or copy for your website, take the time to spell check it and read it over. Nothing says "don't take me seriously" like porr speling and using you're words the wrong weigh. If you're not sure about a word, look it up.  :-D

You want your art to reflect your skill and creativity. Apply the same thinking to how you present yourself online and off, and people will value you and your work.

Feel free to add to this list by posting a comment (below). Really, I appreciate all the help I can get!!

Hope that's helpful. Let me know if you have questions or want a 15-minute conversation (free!) to talk about getting a website or updating the one you have.   
We have website packages that include tutoring time and help videos if you want to learn to update it yourself. They start at $600. See some samples here. Want a detailed review of your current website (with written recommendations and a phone call to review them), or help planning for a new one? Website audits/consultations are $125. Email me to inquire.  

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Reader Comments (3)

Great stuff, the tips were helpful. In the age where everyone and their mother has a smart phone it's really unacceptable to not have prompt responses. Twenty-four hours is a great window too, by the way. These tips aren't just common courtesy, they are vital to business continuity. Thanks for sharing, unfortunately most people will never follow these rules.

July 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMaria

Thanks for these great reminders Robin! I know that I'm sometimes guilty of putting replies on a back burner, either out of overwhelm or because I can't seem to make a decision. Now that I have your guideline of a 24 hour window to follow, I will do better.
Aloha, Patrice

July 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPatrice A Federspiel

Thanks Maria and Patrice! I'm working on improving also. Just yesterday I responded to the wrong person on something because I didn't read it thoroughly. Oops. It's easy to get into a rush and forget to follow my own advice. Glad you found it helpful!

July 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterRobin Sagara

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