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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
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Courageous Stories of Inspiration:


"Art Heals"

by Aletta de Wal, M.Ed.
Artist Advisor and Art Marketing Strategist
Certified Visual Coach
Contributing Author to “Courageous Stories of Inspiration”

Have you experienced hard times or helped someone else through a challenge?

At first I was reluctant to share my story about my health crisis. I thought that people might think I was not up to the work I do. But when artists shared a story about challenges they faced, I discovered that telling them mine became a bond that built trust and brought us closer. 

Eventually someone asked me to join with a group of authors from many walks of life who had stories that could become a source of courage and inspiration to people who were facing hardships.

My contribution was a chapter titled “Art Heals.”

Fourteen other authors shared their stories. Some relied on religious inspiration; others spiritual insights; or trust that they could get through the crisis with determination and a little help. All of the authors built self-confidence to go forward from events and circumstances that could have been an end.

It’s my hope that one or more of these fifteen stories will resonate and help you: 

  • Build your ability to cope with an unexpected life changing illness;
  • Harvest lessons from personal tragedy about resilience;
  • Discover how religious faith, spiritual practices or personal determination build confidence and strength.

The title alone may not give you enough information to decide.
You can read more about why I wrote the book and what other authors contributed.

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