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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
3-D Artist






Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
Huguette May

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The A.C.T. Art Licensing Coaching Package

Multiply Your Income From Originals 

Do You Imagine Your Art on Products That Everyone Wants to Own?

Read on …

Unlike creating art to sell in a gallery or commission work,

  • You need groups or collections of art to license, not just single images.
  • Quality, quantity and speed are three keys to success in licensing.
  • You must flexible with your art. If a manufacturer asks for changes (maybe colors, or images) will you be offended, or find out exactly what they need?

Do You Want to be Your Own Agent?

Why pay an agent if you don’t have to? It’s not for everyone, but many skilled and resourceful artists are learning how to agent their own art by doing some or all of their own marketing and licensing.

Licensing Coach J’net Smith will show you how to save as much as 50% of your income stream on agent fees by tackling it yourself. J’net will guide you, every step of the way, from that first deal to that multi-million dollar international contract. If you think you have it within you to create a great business as well as great art, then get trained by J'net, since no one will sell you like you will sell yourself.

Do You Want to Find an Agent?

If you want to find a fantastic agent for your particular art style, one that can help you reach your licensing goals, J'net can help you find the one that's right for you.

Those fantastic agents are out there, but competition for them is growing.

J'net will teach you how to get 'agent-ready' and stand out from the crowd, as well as showing you how to work with your agent for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Do You Already Have an Agent?

You may already have an agent, but you want to be better informed so you can get the most out of the relationship. Or you have an agent and are finding that your business isn't what it should be.

J'net can teach you how to work with your agent, manage expectations and get the most from the relationship by being a knowledgeable and well-informed client.

You will see your business grow or you can move to a new and more profitable relationship instead of excessively spinning your wheels.

The SmartStart Art Licensing Coaching Package

The SmartStart Session provides you information on what to do, why to do it and how to do the exact steps you need to achieve your licensing business goals.

Prior to a private phone strategy session, you’ll complete a comprehensive business questionnaire specifically designed to prepare both you and J’net for the session with your art, business, background, needs and goals.

This Session also allows you and J'net to evaluate each other thoroughly and to determine the viability of any future relationship.

Your Art Licensing Coach, Jeanette Smith

Jeanette Smith is the consummate art licensing coach—she is passionate about helping you achieve a level of success beyond imagining...she definitely knows how to do it and is more than happy to teach you the industry "secrets."

In just six short years, J’net turned Dilbert™ from a relatively unknown syndication-based comic strip into a 200 million dollar a year global brand. Then in 2000, J’net translated and expanded on her extensive experience to train, advise and license all types of creators.

How to Register

All coaching starts with a conversation to make sure that this coaching package is the best way for you to do what you want with your art career.

Click here to book your free 15-minute conversation.

If you’ve already had your free 15-minute conversation, you’ll be eligible for a preferred rate of $500 for three hours.

Register here for J'net's Three-Hour SmartStart Session.