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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
3-D Artist






Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
Huguette May

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Artist Career Training provides you with sound, practical advice to help you avoid wasting your money re-inventing the wheel. The money you invest in your art business will more than repay itself in the quality of your life and the size of your bank account. Follow the program designed for your career stage and take full advantage of A.C.T.'s practical resources. We guarantee that you will see a positive difference in your art business and your life. 

"I took your artist career training class awhile back. Processing all the information and putting it into action took me a good amount of time.  However, I finally did and am happy to say I am up and running and selling my birds. Your course really helped me get myself back on track and start selling again. I have been busy and still have a long way to go, but I know your excellent course helped me move along.

Thank you Aletta." ~ Barbara Gurry Rowell

From Amateur to Emerging Artist:

Are you an artist who has been making art for personal pleasure and who now wants to build a business foundation and show your art to sell?
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From Emerging to Mid-Career Artist:

Are you an artist who has built a business foundation and who now wants to build a marketing system to sell more art to buyers and through galleries locally and on-line?
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For Mid-Career Artists:

Are you an artist who has built a business foundation, mailing list and marketing system and who now wants to expand your audience by selling more art through art professionals locally, regionally and on-line? 
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For Established Artists:

 Are you an artist who has strong business and marketing systems, a solid client base, consistent sales, a regional and on-line presence, and who now wants to expand your success by selling more art through art professionals nationally or internationally? 

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WARNING!  Taking the advice you get here and applying it will work, really. And when it does, your art career will start to move forward. That means changes, and sooner or later you will be making more money from your art. That ALSO means you will probably need to start investing more time and money into your art business as well. Growing things need to be fed - your art business is no exception. It's all good, but artists are constantly surprised at this phenomenon.


When you work on your art marketing, it doesn't have to be hard, boring or expensive. It does take some cash. But you will need less of it when you add time and energy focused on the right things at the right time in the right place. Admittedly, easier said than done. 

A.C.T. programs are ideal for artists who are willing to put some elbow grease into building a sustainable art business. We know that you have a limited amount of time to invest in building a better art business and lifestyle. We gather the resources, create the checklists, and share the wisdom of the art world with you. You add regular action and watch your art business grow.