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Aletta de Wal
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The A.C.T. Money Matters Coaching Options

Make Up Your Mind to Make More Money

Do You Want to Change Your Relationship to Money?

Read on …

What Often Gets in the Way of Making Money

  • When it comes to $, we are not working with a blank canvas. We have lots of history and emotion – some of which we are not even aware we hold.
  • Other people's beliefs about money and our own early experiences shape what we believe today. Some of those old beliefs may be limiting what's possible for now.
  • Making money is not selling out and you are no less of an artist for making a profit.

You can create your art business with the resources you have.

A healthy art business starts with clear thinking about what you want from making art and the lifestyle you want to lead. You build your art career with the time, money and energy you have – and then keep adding to those resources with sound money management. Then add persistent actions over time, good work habits and a good dose of common sense.

You can change the “tapes” running in the background.

You do not have to feel helpless now or be fearful about the future. You may simply need to adjust your attitude, your actions or your aptitudes.

You can adopt timeless strategies to make money to suit your personal economy.

Money Matters coaching is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you to be clear about your economic reality and take charge of your financial health.

Could you use a money coach to help you change your mind and mind your money?

Pat Fiorello can share the principles of managing money and her real life experiences as an artist, but it's up to you to take the next step. The thing that will make the most difference is you taking some new and different action in support of your dreams and goals as a result of what you learned.

  • You’ll uncover blind spots where your history with money may be limiting you today.
  • You’ll get clear on your actual financial results.
  • You’ll develop a realistic plan to achieve your financial goals.

Your Money Matters Coach, Artist Pat Fiorello, M.B.A. Harvard

For 20 years Pat worked in the corporate world and was Vice President, Marketing for Coca-Cola and Nabisco. She left her “first” career to more fully pursue her passion for art and has been doing so successfully ever since.

In addition to selling her original paintings, Pat’s artwork has been on over 60 juried shows, featured in over a dozen solo exhibitions, and licensed for greeting cards and home decor products. Pat is a Signature Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society has served as Chair of the Atlanta Artists Center and President of the Georgia Watercolor Society. She has helped hundreds of artists develop their business skills through her work with arts organizations, workshops and private coaching.

Two Money Matters Coaching Options

Pat is available to work with you individually on your Money Matters.

Option 1: There is no minimum time requirement (beyond 1 hour) and a coaching program can be customized to meet specific needs. 
Register here for hourly coaching at $125/hour.

Option 2: A year-long program, which includes a one-hour call, a follow up call 3 months later and a call at year-end to assess results and adjust, as needed for the coming year. Register here for ongoing coaching at $300.

How to Register

All coaching starts with a conversation to make sure that this coaching package is the best way for you to do what you want with your art career.

Click here to book your free 15-minute conversation.

If you’ve already had your free 15-minute conversation, you’ll be eligible for the preferred rate.

P.S. If you are not quite ready for coaching, or prefer to work on your own, we have a knowledge product to help you take charge of your bottom line.

Listen to a recording of a live three-part program where artists discuss common money issues. Simply follow along with the worksheets to apply each recommendation to your life.

Each session has a specific focus and builds upon the previous one:

#1: “Getting Past Your History with Money” uncovers your blind spots where past thoughts, upbringing and experiences with money may be limiting you today. You learn how to turn those beliefs around with a few simple questions you can ask yourself in the privacy of your studio.

#2 “Getting a Handle on Your Money Today” shows you the path to get clear on your actual financial results. To get your fears and hopes out of your head, you record them on a worksheet, so they can see the light of day, instead of waking you up at night.

#3 “Creating a Future of Your Money Possibilities” guides you in developing a realistic plan to achieve your goals.

Audio Program with three digital recordings and 16-page PDF Workbook includes five worksheets: $49.95 Buy Now.