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Aletta de Wal
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The A.C.T. JumpStart Your Art Business Coaching Package

A Special Introductory Package for New Coaching Clients


Do You Want to Build the Art Business You Read About?

Read on …

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve been working on a strong body of signature style art.
  • You’ve started your art business using your common sense and what you’ve read about in Blogs or learned from other artists.
  • You’ve got a web site, promotional materials and have some plans for exhibits.

Maybe your experience isn’t exactly like this. Still, you’re not sure if there’s anything you missed or could be doing better.

Your doubts may be holding you back. Or maybe you need a few more tools.

Could you use another set of eyes and ears?

What’s Next for You?

The A.C.T. JumpStart Your Art Business Coaching Package is designed to help you build the art business in your vision for the future.

  • We’ll take a look at what you’ve done, what’s working, or not working and how your art business foundation could work better for you.
  • You’ll get really clear on what you can and will do in the next 6 to 12 months.
  • And I won’t leave you hanging out there on your own. We can add periodic "check-ins" to review your progress and add any new ideas or tools.

"Not only have you provided guidance through the basic steps in art marketing and answers to my individual questions, but the regularity has kept me focused on my career goals - to say nothing of actually verbalizing what those goals are! Artist Career Training has given me the confidence to take many more steps than I would have considered a year ago. Thanks for all you do, your organizational skills, the professional ease with which you monitor the bi-weekly calls.”  Patty Cunningham

Simple, Clear Steps to JumpStart Your Art Business

Because each artist learns differently, this package incorporates visual, auditory and hands-on methods.

Here’s how we’ll work together by e-mail and telephone (so you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your studio):

  1. You’ll answer questions about what you want, review the art business foundation you’ve created and tell me what you’d like to see happen next.
  2. I’ll create a visual summary of your answers in a “mind map.”
  3. I’ll create an audio recording of comments on your answers and offer suggestions for what you could do differently or start to do.
  4. You’ll review the mind map along with the audio recording and type a summary of what you heard as the beginning of your next steps.
  5. We’ll review your summary in a 60-minute telephone conversation in which we talk about what you can do to build a better art business in the next six to twelve months and I’ll outline other resources to help you to make your vision into reality.

Most artists complete the work in about 3 to 5 hours over a span of a month or 6 weeks. You’re going to be amazed at the difference we can make in such a short time.

"I attended the micro workshop last night, and wanted to tell you that I got a lot out of your presentation.  I had the benefit of having your Jumpstart session last year, and the workshop inspired me to actually work the results of Jumpstart session. You present very well; my friend did not have any background in your process, but she was really fired up about what you said.  She may well become a client soon." JB, photographer

Many of my clients call me back periodically to help them “get to the next level.” And if you are interested in making steady progress, there’s always a next level.

Your Art Business Coach, Aletta de Wal

"I help artists make a better living from their art and still have a life."
Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. and Certified Visual Coach
Artist Advisor at Artist Career Training.

Aletta works with part-time and full-time artists at all career stages, who are serious about a career in fine arts. Aletta makes make art marketing easier and the business of art simpler. Equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur, Aletta has worked with over 4000 artists in groups and 450+ individually. Her clients say that she inspires them to do the work to be successful, provides the detail to take specific action and supports them through the ups and downs of life as a working artist. 

How to Register

All coaching starts with a conversation to make sure that this coaching package is the best way for you to do what you want with your art career. The best place to start is with my book, in particular the self assessments for career stages on pages 35 - 40.

Once you've determined where you fit and what you want to work on, send an email to Aletta at

If JumpStart Your Art Business is right for you, you’ll be eligible for a special introductory rate of $295. (You’ll get several hours of my brain and time for the price of one. You’ll be doing a lot of the work to help me help you get to know you and don’t think you should pay for all of that time. Plus, I want your first time to be affordable and show you how much value I can add to your art business life.)

You can purchase the book here: