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Aletta de Wal
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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
3-D Artist






Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Personal Appearances

Helping Spread the Word about Using Art to Create Your Ideal Life.  Road Trip to Palm Springs and Fresno, California:

Aletta recently travelled to Palm Springs and Fresno, California to share her story about how she designed this course after she rebuilt her life to encourage others to really go for the life they want. Read more here about “Drawing a Life That Matters”





Art Heals

"How Art Heals"

Daryl McIver interviews Aletta de Wal, Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist
Listen to the interview here.

One of my activities to “give back” is to share my experience recovering from two strokes just before my 40th birthday. Listen to this interview with a support group led by Daryl McIver, Director of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Transitional Rehab Services They were featured on PBS recently for a program called American Health Journal.


Laura Niles, Research Assistant, School of Nursing Center on Aging at The University of Texas Health Science Center, interviews Aletta de Wal on using creativity to recover from a health crisis.



Radio Appearances:

Interviews with Doug Foresta on "Break Free to Success" Blog Talk Radio

How to Make a Living Making Art
  Aletta de Wal shares her amazing journey from climbing the corporate ladder, to suffering two strokes at 40 years old, and then eventually regaining her love for art, and now helping artist market their work. Aletta shares her secrets for helping artists make a living doing what they love.

Breakfree to Success, part 1  Aletta de Wal answers the following questions: 1) I've been painting for a while. I'm ready to make this my full time career. Where do I start?  2) When can I approach galleries?  3) How long will it take to make money?

Breakfree to Success, part 2  Aletta de Wal explores various myths about artists, and how these myths may keep artists from fully developing their careers.


Art-Rocks! Interview

Billy Joe Swendoza interviews Aletta de Wal about "Artrepreneurs" and how they help distroy the myth of the starving artist. "I was in the corporate world, in banking back when that was a good thing...One day without warning, I had

a stroke and it was a life-changing experience."

Generous Radio host features “Drawing a Life That Matters!”

Mark Lipinski has more energy than 100 cups of coffee. He uses it to help get your “creative mojo” going.


Dispelling the Myths and Cliches of the Artist's Life, a Conversation with Aletta de Wal

Art Heroes Radio features conversations every Thursday evening. Artist John Unger interviews established and upcoming artists, creative professionals and experts in related fields.


Bust That Starving Artist Myth and Eleven Others

Myths about artists with guest host: Aletta de Wal, Director, Artist Career Training

Myths about artists with guest host: Aletta de Wal, Director, Artist Career Training

Visual artist myths debunked for true career success

Myths and Realities of artists with guest host Aletta de Wal

When she’s not doing interviews about art and art marketing, Annette Coleman mines the fragments of her nightly dreams to create layered works of art. Bringing seemingly disparate archetypes and symbols together with wax and pigments, she creates richly imagined landscapes of the unconscious.


Guest Blog Posts:

Lynn & Jim PowersThe Creative Catalyst is one of the original sources for art instruction videos and DVDs include lessons in drawing, painting, design and special techniques. Jim Powers and I (Aletta de Wal) met many years ago at The Learning & Product Expo Art in Pasadena.

A Quick History on Artist Support

Artist Myth #1: You Must Starve to be an Artist

Artist Myth #2: Society Owes Artists a Living

Artist Myth #3: Artists Are Not Business People, My Dealer Will Handle Everything

Artist Myth #4: A True Artist Lives Life Free and Without Structure

Artist Myth #5: Artists Don't Need to Know About Anything But Their Art

Artist Myth #6: Your Artwork is So Good, It Will Appeal to Everyone

Artist Myth #7: One Big Break Will Make Your Career

Artist Myth #8: If You Just Do Your Art, Everything Else Will "Work Out"


The Advantages of Working With Aletta de Wal, Artist Coach

Ellene Breedlove Davis interviews Aletta de Wal, Artist Coach
Listen to the interview here.
Read the interview here (PDF file).

“I have been following Aletta for quite a while at but had no idea her personal story was so unique and compelling. From this interview I learned that she was able to overcome a debilitating illness and then become an artist, artist coach, and develop Artist Career Training  and the Artist Career Training Library.  Artist Career Training programs benefits artists in all stages of their career. “



Healing Benefits of Creativity: 

Barry Rogers interviewed Aletta de Wal about the healing benefits of creativity. "I think retirement means having more control over your time and activities than it does stopping work. You need a purpose. Mine is to continue to support the arts through working with artists and keeping art alive in schools."


LAH resident helps artists sell so they can create. November 2010

Bruce Barton interviewed A.C.T.'s Aletta de Wal for this article. After more than six decades of publishing weekly, the Los Altos Town Crier is a veritable institution.


Press Releases:

Health Crisis Inspired Former Banking Executive to Establish New Career Helping Artists Grow Their Business