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 Anne Marchand, Painter

Anne Marchand: Spinning Night

Established artist Anne Marchand navigates her full time career with elegance, grace and resilience. A native of New Orleans, Anne credits her "optimistic attitude with a sense of gratitude and wonder has been key to helping go through the inevitable droughts of being a creative person. Taking the time to research and implement new strategies for staying on track helps maintain a strong foundation in my business."

Anne received her MFA degree at the University of Georgia before settling in Washington, DC where she now maintains her studio. A member of the A.C.T. 301 community, Anne paints award winning paintings and murals. Music and color is in her blood. She is currently working on her next series, Leela - a love poem to the universe. You can see Anne's work here:

50 words of wisdom
“Find balance in your life between making art and art business. Be open to unexpected opportunities and wear two hats well, the boss and the worker. Go at a pace that feels right. This is not a race. It is life. Make it fun and imagine it joyful and blossoming.”

A.C.T.: What prompted you to start your professional career?
At the young age of eleven, I was committed to being a painter. I was drawn to it. After college, I settled in Washington, DC to begin a career in the arts. I was introduced to the business side of art early on, when I worked for a slide registry of artists.

A.C.T.: What is your artistic direction?
Diversity is a direction for me this year. I am doing more public art projects that connect me to a wider audience. I am open to the idea of art in the public arena and making it happen with a team of players.
Collaboration and managing larger projects has enabled me to better manage all aspect of my creative career.

A.C.T.: What is your business model?
My business model is to first focus on success at the gallery level. I look at other projects and decide on them on their own merits to see if they provide me with support for the greater cause as well as some fun and marketing opportunities.

A.C.T.: What is your “life’s work” as an artist?
That’s a question that I ask myself often. When I first began this journey of discovery, I thought I would always be a figure painter. Through the years, my imagery has changed. I’ve imagined and found new ways to communicate and share my vision. That continued growth is my life’s work.

A.C.T.: What peak moments have you had?
Professional moments like the dedication of my first public art mural, publishing my first posters, seeing my abstract paintings exhibited large scale in a public venue, being recognized in the community have all been exciting. A peak moment was attending a lecture recently on art and the holy. The poetry introducing this lecture, connected to the nature of art to transform life; “crossing the in the orchard..and plucking the fruit” became metaphors for living a life of imagination, desire and wonder.

A.C.T.: How do you define success and how do you celebrate it?
Success and happiness are inextricably bound and I measure my success by my happiness.

A.C.T.: What is your marketing strategy and what makes it successful?
My website serves as a virtual portfolio for prospective clients and galleries to find my work online. Every professional artist needs a website! My Painterly Visions Weblog, Blog!, attracts between 3000 - 4700 visits a month increasing my visibility worldwide and drives traffic to my website.

A.C.T.: What obstacles have you encountered in your business and how have you handled it?
For most working artists that I have known, cash flow has been a challenge. I keep good inventory, expense and sales records. At the beginning of the year, I edit goals and do an income projection. When new opportunities arise, I weigh them according to personal and business goals. When I get off balance with the creative or business cycles, I step back and adjust activities. I handle rejections by filing them in a special X File that allows me to immediately move on to new opportunities.

Other resources that have built over time are the support of family, friends and collectors. An optimistic attitude with a sense of gratitude and wonder has been key to helping me through the inevitable droughts of being a creative person. Taking the time to research and implement new stradegies for staying on track helps maintain a strong foundation in my business.

A.C.T.: Who are your role models and mentors?
I’ve had so many people that I admire have an impact on my life. My late father instilled a sense of the value of a life’s work. I’ve had teachers, friends, collectors, community members and most importantly my husband, who have helped shaped the way I live my life.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many artists with whom I’ve shared creative experiences and growth. They have been the angels and troopers along the way that have supported and nurtured the creative process.

I admire business and community leaders who promote an appreciation of the arts today. I am drawn to artists, galleries, poets, architects, spiritual leaders and others who promote positivity and stewardship in the world.

A.C.T.: What advice would you pass on to other artists at all levels?
Break the myth of the starving artist. First of all, don’t believe it! Use imagination and good business practices to fuel your creative desires. When it seems hard, persevere. When creativity seems to be on a plateau, experiment and persevere. When personal or business success comes to you, accept it with gratitude. Your preparation has paid off. Keeping a positive attitude during cycles of change, will add a sense of richness to you and to your companions lives. Enjoy yourself and keep creating!

A.C.T.: How has your involvement in the A.C. T. community of professional artists furthered your career?
Connecting with opportunities that promote your art in the public eye is another part of the creative cycle - your audience. Learning about resources and sharing ideas with other professional artists in A.C.T. is a good way for any artist to gauge their readiness and to get the tools that they need to begin or continue to share their work with the world.

The continuity of a monthly A.C.T. meeting and the community of other professional artists has helped bring my attention to areas in my business that need development. Whether you are just beginning as an artist or your career is in full bloom, you will find A.C.T. to be supportive in strengthening your commitment and preparing to implement your goals.

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