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Aletta de Wal
Artist Advisor & Art Marketing Strategist







Fabienne Bismuth
3-D Artist






Huguette May
2-D Artist





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Aletta de Wal
Fabienne Bismuth
Huguette May

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The A.C.T. Team:

Aletta de Wal, Artist Advisor and Art Marketing Strategist
Robin Sagara, Business & Marketing Solutions
Jeanette Smith, Art Licensing Mentor
Patrice Federspiel, Artist and Marketing Mentor
Bruce Haley, Photographer and Marketing Mentor
Margaret Danielak, Artist Rep and Art Sales Mentor
Pat Fiorello, Art Business Mentor

Founded in 1996, A.C.T. has grown from a local coaching practice into a "virtual university" delivering training to artists who want to make a better living making art. The programs, services and learning products continue to attract a core community of American artists, qualified "virtual faculty" across North America and a loyal readership all over the world.

Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. is equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur. As an Artist Advisor she inspires fine artists to make a better living making art through personal consultations, professionally designed educational programs and practical independent study.

With a successful track record of creating, producing and selling her own work, managing a studio-gallery and delivering entrepreneurial workshops, de Wal helps fine artists to make more money so that they can get back to making more art.
250-549-2615 Pacific time.

(see Aletta deWal's resume)


Robin Sagara, A.C.T.'s Business & Marketing Solutions Wizard supports us with everything that must be done to provide a stellar experience for A.C.T. staff, artist members and guests.

For many years she has provided highly customized, top-notch administrative, marketing, web site and creative support for artists and entrepreneurs, and has made significant contributions to their foundations for growth. "By taking over administrative, marketing and web tasks that are weighing artists down, blurring their vision, and holding them back, I help them reclaim the time and space they need to do what they do best, create their art!"

Her dedicated support has helped us, and can help you, make a better living making art. She is located in Los Angeles, and serves artists world-wide. For more info on how she can help free up your time so you can focus on what you do best, email her at 310-480-6738 Pacific time, and read more about her services here.

Jeanette Smith is the consummate art licensing coach—she is passionate about helping you achieve a level of success beyond imagining...she definitely knows how to do it! In just six short years, J’net turned Dilbert™ from a relatively unknown syndication-based comic strip into a 200 million dollar a year global brand. Then in 2000, J’net translated and expanded on her extensive experience to train, advise and license all types of creators. She has helped hundreds of artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, authors, illustrators, design firms, fine artists, creative companies, non-profits and agents to maximize the power of their brands and talents.

J’net’s “specialty” is difficult to pinpoint, but she is best described by her combination of specialties—she is one of those very rare people who possess a balanced combination of creative sensibility and extraordinary business acumen. It is this combination that has served J’net over the span of a very impressive career, and has garnered her equally impressive  press and testimonials! 

She has achieved successes in multiple industries. From her early days in New York building new divisions for such corporate giants as Official Airline Guides, MacMillan Publishing, Paramount Communications, and VIACOM International, to her six years of work spearheading the astronomical growth of Dilbert, Jeanette has compiled a long list of satisfied clients and has gained an enormous amount of respect and experience in marketing, licensing, advertising, PR, agenting, negotiating, and much more—all of which she looks forward to passing on to you.

PatriceFederspiel6-07.jpgBorn in Port Washington, WI and educated at the University of Wisconsin/Madison, Patrice Federspiel currently lives and paints in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Since arriving in Hawai‘i and joining Artist Career Training, Patrice’s art career has been on the fast track, resulting in numerous awards, solo and group exihibits, magazine/book features and articles, not to mention making her living as a full time artist.

Additionally, as one of our Art Marketing Mentors, Patrice's efforts have supported many artists on their path to success. Her advice to artists? "First, follow your dreams, especially if you don’t know where they will lead you. Second, find others of like mind and interest (the Artist Career Training community of artists is a GREAT place to do that!). Third: Learn as much as you can about your art form, the business of art (again, Artist Career Training has invaluable resources), your market, and the arts in your area. Fourth: always create…well we can’t help but do that; but create consciously and with intent. Your creations will nourish you and others in more ways than you will know. Fifth: be open. Opportunity knocks when you least expect it. You want to be prepared, so start to get ready NOW!" You can view Patrice's work at her website:


BruceHaley11-14-06-1.JPGBruce K. Haley, Jr., a Charleston, WV native, joined Artist Career Training in October of 2003 as a student. In Bruce’s words, “I chose Artist Career Training after exhaustive research. I knew that this was going to be an investment in my new career as an artist. Having two full time careers, as a Certified Public Account and artist, I wanted to make sure that I invested my time and hard earned money wisely.”

Applying the principles of professional marketing that he has learned from Artist Career Training, Bruce has gone on to show his work in over eighty exhibitions in nine states as well as establish eighteen retail galleries (and growing) and art related retail outlets to sell his work. His love of marketing his work and willingness to share his knowledge, Bruce, joined Artist Career Training as one of their first Art Marketing Mentors: “I’ve always felt that you don’t have to be the best artist, but you better be the best at marketing your work if you want to make a better living making art. We all need mentors and I’m excited for being able to mentor my fellow artists at Artist Career Training." Learn more about Bruce and see his work at his web site: 


Margaret Danielak is the Owner of DanielakArt - A Gallery without Walls which does not have a retail location. As the daughter of artists, with eight years of experience as an artist representative, Margaret Danielak understands your concerns and will help you achieve your goals. Margaret will give you the knowledge and confidence to sell your artworkwith or without traditional gallery representation.

"Are you spending a fortune to market your art? Do you believe that art buyers only buy art from traditional art galleries? Are you depressed because you cannot get into a gallery or have had a bad experience with one? You may be missing out on opportunities.

"By selling your work in alternative venues, you reach a whole new audience for your work than if you are only represented by a traditional gallery. Art buyers are everywhere...they are not just the people who happen to walk into an art gallery. Moreover, many people find traditional art galleries either too intimidating and/or 'snooty,' and appreciate acquiring artwork directly from the artist. It adds something special - some excitement- to the story they tell other people about the work they've acquired. They met the artist!

"Furthermore, art galleries are interested in artists who have business sense and know how to market and sell their fine art.”

Margaret was a Producer Fellow at The American Film Institute and is the author of the highly-rated handbook for fine artists, A Gallery without Walls. A graduate of the A.C.T. Art Marketing Workshop and featured A.C.T. TeleClass speaker and member of A.C.T.’s virtual faculty, Margaret also teaches art marketing workshops for artists throughout Southern California.

"When it comes to $, we are not working with a blank canvas. We have lots of history and emotion when it comes to the topic of $. Some of this is from our past and some may even be 'inherited' conversations, so to speak, from our parents, grandparent's, schools, other communities or society in general. Other people's beliefs about money and our own early experiences may have shaped what we believe today. Some of those old beliefs may be limiting what's possible for us now. It might be time to take a look at those beliefs and see it’s time to challenge or let go of the ones that are no longer serving us. Think of a closet, before you can stock it with lots of beautiful new things, we have to do a little housecleaning and throw out the old junk and clutter.”

Painter and A.C.T. Art Business Mentor, Pat Fiorello brings a unique blend of both the business and art worlds. For 20 years she worked in the corporate world as a marketing and general management executive. She received her M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and has been Vice President, Marketing for Coca-Cola and Nabisco. She left her “first” career to more fully pursue her passion for art and has been doing so successfully ever since.

In addition to selling her original paintings, Pat’s artwork has been on over 60 juried shows, featured in over a dozen solo exhibitions, and licensed for greeting cards and home decor products. Pat is a Signature Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society has served as Chairman of the Atlanta Artists Center and President of the Georgia Watercolor Society. She has helped hundreds of artists develop their business skills through her work with arts organizations, workshops and private coaching. “I can share the principles of managing money and my real life experiences as an artist, but it's up to you to take the next step. The thing that will make the most difference is you taking some new and different action in support of your dreams and goals as a result of what you learned." ~ Successful fine artist, workshop leader and A.C.T. Art Business Affiliate Pat Fiorello.