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About A.C.T. Coaching


Why Do Artists Choose A.C.T. Coaching?


I have been working with Aletta as my art business coach steadily for more than 12 years. If you haven't worked with a coach before, that might seem like a really long time to work with one person. It is because we've worked together for so long, that Aletta knows me and my work so well. This means she knows when and how to steer me toward bigger ideas and projects. 

I find Aletta to be extremely helpful in strategy as well as in helping me to always put my best foot forward. She coaches me on my writing skills, helps me to decide which venues and opportunities best fit my overall goals, and she is an amazing "idea generator". Aletta can have more ideas in five minutes than anyone else I know.

Working in Watercolor keeps us on our toes, Aletta can help keep us focused so that we can remember the really important art business things that to do. She can help keep you from following a rabbit trail that might not lead to where you really want to go. Best yet, she can help you figure out exactly where it is you want your art career to take you.

Yes, I highly recommend Aletta as an Art Business Coach. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Patrice Federspiel
Trustee and Signature Member, 
Hawai`i Watercolor Society
Painting the Essence of Living Aloha

Artists choose A.C.T. coaching for three main reasons – they are stuck, they want to expand their range or they want to make a leap. 

  • If you are stuck, and have information but just can’t move forward, you might just want an understanding ear to help you get unstuck. Before doing anything new, I’ll ask what you have already done. Acknowledging the ways in which you are already doing well saves time and releases hope that you can get unstuck.

  • If you want to expand your range, are confident in what you have been doing and have had some success, you may want to escape the "same old, same old." Asking what you can stop doing is a first step to allow for room to do new things or do things differently. You won’t have to step away from your comfort zone but I can help you stretch to make that zone bigger and better.

  • If you are ready to make a big leap, you may have a strong vision of new future, but perhaps the details are fuzzy. Laying out your thoughts and looking at the pros and cons as well as the best route is the best way to prepare. Then I can show you how to make the leap safely with confidence and self-assurance.

How Will I Get the Most Out of Coaching?

You will get the most out of coaching if you have a signature art style; are motivated and ready to take responsibility for your results; have the time, money and energy to do the work.

  • You have a signature style. You can work on your art business as well as more pieces of art at the same time. (If you are still experimenting, and only have a few pieces of art, sometimes your time is better spent in developing your ability to create a body of work before investing too much in a business.)

  • Before you invest any time, money or energy, I want to make sure that there is a fit between what you want and what we offer, so we’ll have a 15-minute conversation about what we could do together and I’ll outline a basic plan for you to consider. Sometimes artists begin with only one coaching session and that’s enough to get things moving. Most artists average three to four coaching calls over a year and some are ongoing monthly clients as they use me as a sounding board for ideas to grow their careers. You can read a few case studies here.

What Kind of Coaching is Available?

If you are new to A.C.T. coaching, the best place to begin is with our Special Introductory Package: JumpStart Your Art Business with Aletta de Wal.

If you’ve already done a A.C.T. training program or JumpStart Your Art Business, you can design your own custom hourly coaching program or choose one of our popular packages with Aletta de Wal or one of our affiliate coaches.

I have been working with Aletta since she began with Artist Career Training. It's now well over 10 years that we've been working together.

I stay on with Aletta because I like the one on one coaching she provides and she keeps me on track. I am always amazed and impressed with how Aletta is able to come up with wonderful, workable ideas. Perhaps on my own I would come up with the solutions and suggestions she makes, but I am sure it would take me a lot longer.

Aletta is very supportive too. I have a chronic health issue and she helps me see the importance of what I am doing and what I am getting done instead of focusing on what I am not doing. I tend to beat up on myself if I can't do everything and she guides me back to seeing the whole picture instead of focusing only on the small details. She has guided me in approaching gallery dealers and suggested possible dialogs to use. She has advised me on working out contracts for teaching workshops. There are too many instances to describe how she's helped me.

After I learned the basics of Artist Career Training principles, I went on to the Master group, and now I work with Aletta in one on one coaching. It's a combination of life coaching and art career coaching and worth every penny.

I believe you would not be disappointed if you enlist her services. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them.

Lee McVey

Albuquerque, NM